Use your photos to create quick calendar gifts


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Homemade gifts are always hit. There are a million and one different ideas for what to make, but really, unless you started making them last March, do you really want the stress that goes into making a bunch of last minute holiday gifts?

There are several sites that have taken the stress out of it all by allowing you to just upload photos, create a calendar and VOILA! Instant gift giving! And don’t you even dare think that these are cheesy ideas. What family member WOULDN’T love receiving a calendar full of your smiling family?

Here are some of the good ones:

Big Huge Labs: great prices; order before December 14th for Christmas delivery.

Vista Prints: BIG variety of styles – from posters, to desk calendars to magnet calendars. They have 3-day rush shipping for any procrastinators.

Create Photo Calendars: they also offers fundraising calendars. $5 flat shipping fee.

Kodak: You know that the original photo paper people will have these. They offer volume ordering as well.

Shutterfly: lots of cute layouts; currently offering 20% discounts.

Snapfish: you receive 20 free prints when you start your account to create your calendars.

If you are feeling really brave and organized, create some at home on a word processing program, save to a flash drive and take them to Kinkos/Staples/OfficeMax etc for printing.

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I love what I do at Modern Media Mom. And I’m not kidding when I say that I’d continue doing it even if only one other person read it.

But everyone loves to be recognized for the work they do. And I’m pleased that Modern Media Mom has been nominated for the “Blog You’ve Learned the Most From” award at

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You can vote once a day, everyday until voting ends. So feel free to mark it on your calendar and do it daily ;0)

And THANK YOU for reading Modern Media Mom. It means so much that you take the time to stop by and be a part of things here.

Family Management Tools – Using Cozi

If you are anything like me, you’ve got lists all over the place. Lists for groceries, lists of activities on a calendar, lists of memories that you may one day (but probably will never) scrapbook… And they probably are covering your fridge.

It’s hard keeping track of everything that goes on around a home – field trips, meetings, sports practices.

Cozi is a site where you can manage your family’s calendar, make lists (groceries, to do) and even post photos and journal.

And it is super simple to figure out. Better yet – it’s free!

Your home page will look something like this (but not with that super cute baby – he’s mine):

(click photos to enlarge for more detail)

cozi home screenshot

You will immediately have access to your journal, calendar and shopping lists.

When you choose your calendar and set it up, you can assign a different color for each family member. Then when you view your calendar, choose to view all members or individuals:

family calendar screen shot

Access your lists – create new ones, print them, even search for recipes (!):

Cozi grocery list screenshot

And be sure to use the journal to jot down things you don’t want to forget, such as cute babies in a vest and tie:

family journal screenshot

See – simple. You are sure to find something about Cozi that will help you manage your family better, and allow you to see your fridge again.

photo: striatic; screenshots: mine

Print Your Own Daily or Weekly Planner

Tired of trying to find just the right daily or weekly planner pages? Need something larger or more detailed to plan out your days and week?

Grab a three-ring binder and use this list to find the perfect Daily or Weekly Planner and print your own. Most are similar, but you are sure to find one that catches your eye and helps you get organized.

Of course – you can always create your own, using a simple word processing tool, or even get fancy with a drawing program. Let me know if you create one, and I’ll add it to this list.

Get Organized in 2009 With Free Calendars

photo: puzzlemepuzzle

Are you still looking for the perfect calendar to hang on your wall? Maybe you want pages to print out for making your own day-planner.

Check out the following links (provided by

  1. Organized Home Calendar Pages: Clean and simple design, perfect for Household Notebooks.
  2. Free 2009 Calendar: BlueAntStudio’s calendar including some pretty cool chairs and the “Classic Chair Commando” design.
  3. James Paul Photography Calendar: A single page calendar which you can download and print at either A3 or A4 size. It’s ideal for a notice board or on your wall and comes in two flavours. The first is “Ingleborough from Scales Moor, Ribblesdale” a great view from the Yorkshire Dales, whilst the second is “Trotternish Ridge, Isle of Skye”.
  4. Make Your Own Calendar: This PDF calendar creator displays 12 weeks on a single page, but you can customize it to display however many weeks you want. Also has a one month per page format available.
  5. Compact Calendar 2009: This year’s design from David Seah. Circle dates and underline ranges, writing notes in the empty space on the right. It is basically a form of doodling your schedule. The calendar for an entire year can fit on a single piece of paper, with plenty of room for notes.

For a full listing of available calendars, continue reading at