Ad Nauseum

When I was pregnant with my second child I experienced AWFUL sickness. I usually get sinus congestion during the pregnancies, but this was just plain AWFUL. Nausea, headaches, exhaustion, NAUSEA… and there was no relief. It went on ALL.OF.THE.TIME for the first 3 months.

While I was experiencing the “joys” of early pregnancy, I was visiting family for a vacation. Just me and Sweetums back east for some “fun and relaxation”.


My vacation that year consisted of me begging my daughter off onto my brothers, sisters-in-law, my mom, my dad, the people next door…anyone – just so that I could lay on the bed and moan for the day.

While on this trip, I had visited Ollie’s, a CHEAP and WONDERFUL place that I can spend $30.00 and leave with a shelf-load of new books (which, I had done…)

Also, on this trip, I was finishing a quilt for Sean’s cousin who was getting married. I had optimistically thought I could finish it while “on vacation” before heading up to the wedding. Obviously I hadn’t factored in the need for laying on a bed moaning for the day.

So, the two big things I did (when I wasn’t laying on the bed moaning) were: read my books from Ollie’s and quilted.

The two things I could NOT DO for A LOOOOOOOONG time after that vacation were: read my books from Ollie’s and quilting.

WHY? Well, Ollie’s uses fluorescent orange stickers for their price stickers. IF I wanted to read one of those books over the next year, EVERY piece of that sticker (gummy residue included) had to be GONE from that book. Otherwise, I got nauseous.

If I even LOOKED at my quilting bin over the next year, I got nauseous.

My brain, in it’s sick and twisted way, had chosen to associate those two things with being nauseous. In my brain’s mind (;-), since I had done those while sick it equalled nausea.

Books from Ollie’s and quilting = sick to my stomach.

Fortunately, that passed. But all of those stickers had long been pulled off those books before it did.

This time around my brain is associating the computer with being nauseous. One day, right after I found out I was expecting again, I spent most of the day reworking my website. I was on the computer for most of the day. I was also nauseous all day.

So again, in my brain’s sick twisted mind: computer = nausea.

So please bear with me as I get back in the swing of visiting and posting. I really don’t want to have to get a laptop to keep in the bathroom or by the bed as I lay around moaning all day.