ta da! (alternative title: the reason I haven’t been visiting your blog is because I’ve been too busy taking photos of my hair…)

I haven’t fixed the color on these yet, but y’all were insisting on photos.

To answer a few questions:
~ The lighter color is to cover all of the gray that has filled my head. I was amazed at the amount.
~ This style is so so easy. The photos are from different days, and I think it styled nicely each day.
~ The color on the top is lighter.

I had a hard time choosing the photo I thought showed the color best… and also the one with the expression that doesn’t look like I just ate a canary.

So please help me choose which photo to use for my new profile shot.

*and yes… I am feeling extremely self-conscious and vain having this post that is screaming ME!ME!ME!ME!ME and yes – LOOK AT ME!!!!


  1. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    Your hair and make up are GORGEOUS! Absolutely stunning. That said, these pictures are a little MugShotty for a profile photo, to me. You are much too sweet and pretty and perky a person to represent yourself just standing there against a blank backdrop. Get hubby or someone to take some photos of you frollicking outdoors or laughing in a comfy chair with a mug of hot chocolate or something. :)

  2. http://Kimmy says

    Hey, Karla. LOVE the hair! You look GREAT! I’m not sure about which pic to use for your profile pic either, but if I were to choose, I think I’d pick the first one where you’re more contemplative. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. http://Barbara%20H. says

    I like the last one best. :-)

  4. http://buckatwos@gmail.com says

    I love your hair!!!! Are you missing your long hair? I am thinking of cutting all mine off, but then a pony tail is so easy on those mornings that I don’t want to deal with it.

    Thanks for sharing and I am so glad I found your blog!!!!!
    The Park Wife

  5. http://Beth says

    I love your hair style and color! I like the second head shot for your profile picture…but they are all great!

    Is your hair pretty thick? I am trying to find a new style and just curious how thick your hair is.

  6. http://Kelly%20@%20Love%20Well says

    Stinkin’ adorable. I love it.

    But I agree with Megan. I don’t think those pictures do your personality justice. You need an action shot for your profile.

  7. So cute! Thanks for the photos.

  8. http://Rachel says

    The bottom picture is so cute.
    I love the cut, it looks so full and healthy and vibrant, plus easy. I like the color.
    You are so adorable!

  9. http://Anonymous says

    Karla, love your hair! I, too, like the last shot, but would like to see one of you that Hubby has taken of you. You are so beautiful, outside and inside.

    Mrs. Wetzel

  10. http://Jill@Who%20Could%20Ask%20for%20Anything%20More says

    cute, cute, cute. I like photo #4 and #5 – but they all look great.

  11. http://mer says

    Ummm, could you hop on a plane and fly to Colorado so I could take you with me to my hairdresser and get a cut just. like. yours??? Pretty please with sugar on top?

    I LOVE it! I’m needing something fresh, and I love your new do!

    I guess if you say no, I could just show her your photos! :)

  12. http://Jenn says

    Love your hair and the color! I like picture #5 but agree with others that they do not show your fun sassy side.

    Thanks for the inspiration – I have to do something soon with my long mop. Ready for a change.

  13. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    Karla walked into Macaroni Grill last night & I didn’t recognize her!

    Hawt Mamma!

  14. http://amyanne says

    Karla…you look so wonderful! I could gaze for hours…:)

    I like the sassy yet serious last picture the best…use that one.

    And a warning about the Macaroni Grill that Mrs. Fussy mentioned (in case anyone cares…)don’t order your kids the double cheese macaroni and cheese it’s got over 1200 calories and something like 90 grams of fat. IN A CHILDREN’S MEAL! Actually I don’t think you should eat there at all…just imagine what’s in the “adult” food they serve. okay…that’s my PSA for the day.

    And I thought the What the is an orchid too…

  15. http://HRH says

    OMG, if those are self-portraits I am coming over for a serious lesson. First, fabulous! Second, I love the shot from behind, but if you aren’t going to use that then the 3rd from the end is my favorite. Oh, and I am sitting here in Bitten from head to toe for the grand total of $19…yep, pants and waffle hoodie to die for.

  16. http://Lalena says

    Love the hair! I like the last photo as well.

  17. http://Fresh%20Girl says

    Great new look!! I LOVE it. The shorter hair really suits you. It’s quite a novelty to go from long hair to a style that short, I know — back in January, I cut my hair as short as yours after YEARS of it being well below my shoulder. I told the hairdresser that I would probably cry when she cut it, but not to take it personally. ;) But I loved it. Get used to enjoying looking at your hair in the mirror. I spend too much time doing that. ;)

  18. http://Straight%20Shooter says

    Wowzers! You are one hot momma! Love, love, LOVE it!!

  19. http://Melanie says

    Too cute!! Hard to pick which one.

  20. http://BrineS says

    Love you new do! Beautiful! :)

  21. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says


  22. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    my fav is 2nd from bottom…but all are nice! *elizabeth

  23. http://Barb says

    I haven’t read all the other comments here, Karla, but boy, I love that last photo. Love the hair cut and the highlights and honestly, you should put that photo in your profile.

    What a great cut for you!

  24. http://Mommy%20Cracked says

    Holy Hot Mama!! You look amazing!!

  25. http://Sister%20Honey%20Bunch says

    You are really pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full face picture of you before.

  26. http://fromthenarrows says

    Very cute haircut.

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