Recently, I have been experiencing a hair crisis of sorts. I’ve mentioned it and it still isn’t settled… And then I saw the picture Sarcastic Mom took of me at our get-together last week and knew I had to do something about it rightthisveryminute.

The thing is, though I have no problem with changing the color of my hair (as evidenced by the waaayy too dark color of my hair in the aforementioned photo, and the plum hair I’ve mentioned having) hair styles are different. I’m a bit more chicken about doing anything drastic (though this wasn’t always the case either… much to the chagrin of my mama, during my high school years.)

So I got online over the weekend, found a site that allowed me to upload my photo and tried on some new dos. I could even change the hair color, add some highlights and lowlights and even makeup!

I started out on a serious mission. I knew what style I was trying to get to, but I did let myself get a bit distracted by a few others on the way to it.

This Sandra Bullock style was a pretty good first try. I even like the color and highlights that are already in it. But I know I would drive myself crazy with the sultry “hair over the eye” look. I’d still end up with it shoved behind my ear.

Well, hello, gorgeous.
Love the color, but not practical for an everyday style.
Unless I’m a member of some royal family. Which last I checked, I wasn’t…

I decided to try a few other styles and colors.

And then things just got downright silly:

My best Gwen Steffani imitation.
The roots are the pièce de résistance, no? I could smuggle a few birds with that monstrosity.

There is just nothing good to say about this one. At all.
I’m sure that somewhere, there is a former stylist for Jennifer Lopez who is still crying her eyes out.

Hello, Charlie!
I don’t think I could handle the pressure to pull this one off. Feathered hair is such a risk… plus, I’d have to rummage through my things and locate my old legwarmers and roller skates. Madonna is probably the only one who could remotely pull it off. And I laughed when I saw her with it.

Cate Blanchett is such a beautiful, classy looking woman. But this style, in this color is not for me.

I worried that my short haircuts I used to sport made me look boyish. They had nothin’ on this one. Katie Holmes works it a lot better than me.

Spice World, baby!
Wait… is that a smile on my face? Isn’t it illegal to sport a Posh hair style and a smile at the same time?
Drats… and I kind of liked it.

Again, with the silliness.
It reminds me of the original Becky on Roseanne.
I bet it would be easy to style… but that’s about all I can say about it.

This is a brown version of Patricia Arquette’s hair style.
I actually like it.
But I’m not willing to cut my hair shorter… yet.

aaaaaahhhhh – I finally got to what I set out out to find. love love love love love love it. with highlights (below) or not (above). This photo is going with me to the hairstylist. And I’m going to a real one too. Not my usual $6.99 job-y.
Watch out! Mama’s splurgin’!

*Remember: tomorrow is What The!? Come with your thinking caps on and prepare to make your guess!

(PS: please see post below for some bloggy business)


  1. A Chelsea Morning says

    The Gwen Steffani one made me gasp, Karla. Ugh. I think it’s the roots. LOL

    I agree – the last one is adorable. Of course, so are you and you’d probably look cute with the Howie Mandell look. :-)

  2. Love it! The bangs are a big departure from your profile picture.

  3. Now for some real fun, do the same thing with your husband’s photo and don’t limit yourself to just the men’s hairstyles.

    My husband still uses some of the…uh…results pictures as his avatar for MSN messenger and Facebook LOL!

  4. I love the bangs! I have actually been contemplating them myself but I always chicken out!

    Good luck with the new do! Looking forward to seeing a picture of it!

  5. I thought the Victoria Beckham was good. Although I think your really cute the way you are. Hugs.

  6. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) says

    You’re crackin’ me up. And good for you at not going for the $6.99 job this time! I am a firm believer that it is worth it to pay a real stylist. We freakin’ deserve it.

    I made plans for color kicks and a new cut with my stylist 2 months ago, and I STILL haven’t made my appt – what the heck is wrong with me!? *grabs phone*

  7. I should have done this before i went and got my hair butchered! Now I’m in the ‘it’ll take 3 months to repair that haircut’ stage. At least you looked before you jumped.

  8. I LOVE this… I SO have to do it! I’ve been having a major hairstyle crisis of late… so what better than trying on different do’s without actually having to try them on? Plus there’s the fun factor. Thanks for the fun post!

  9. Aren’t these programs fun? Some of the styles look pretty wild on me!

  10. So did you get the bangs? If so you should take a pic and post it. I am so in need of a cut and style!

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