Summertime is a comin’

Is your hair ready? While wearing a hat is the best thing for your hair when you are going to be out in the sun, what do you do when you are going out-and-about and the temperature and humidity are enough to burn the hair off of a pigs back?

Most of us will just end up pulling it back into a ponytail.

But wait! You do have options. And they are cute and simple. Head over to and scan through these 17 hairdos that are perfect for summer. There are step-by-step instructions, all of the ends-and-outs are covered for making the do-s do-able.

Do you know what my favorite thing about these hairstyles is? Most call for your hair to be unwashed. Some even say "dirty". Who knew that dirty hair could look so cute.


  1. foo-say says

    I love that site!

  2. baby~amore' says

    that is a great list and awesome title …
    the book sounds very interesting too.

  3. Thanks, Karla! I love that they gave step by step instructions…and that I actually need dirty hair to do the one I like best. You may just have saved me from chopping my hair off!

  4. Great looks – wish I hadn’t just gotten my hair chopped now.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. PhotoChick says

    Good post! I love doing my hair in an upside-down topsie tail (literally doing the topsie tail the opposite you normally would) Looks GREAT on medium to longer hair! Haven’t done it in a long time though… Thanks for the reminder that I should be! Much love and God Bless!

    ps – How sweet of you to host the Frump Fighting these next couple of weeks while Fussy concentrates on being a fantastic new Mommy again! Happy Frump Fighting!!!

  6. I love getting my hair done. It fights the frump for me like nothing else. I go next week and can not wait!

  7. Valarie says

    Love those does, I’m gonna have to try some of those.

  8. Sister Honey Bunch says

    I have short hair, and it always looks cutest on days 2 and 3 of not being washed.

  9. I’m always on the lookout for new hairstyles… especially during the summer frizz months. Thanks!

  10. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    Need one for “shaggy with 2 inches of root growth.” Anybody got anything?

  11. Thanks for the link – I am do for a new ‘do’ – I’ll be playin with it on the cold and rainy day. =)

  12. Thanks for the link! I’m always looking for cute pony-tail alternatives!

  13. heather says

    finally something I think I could do. My makeup is flawless, but my hair is a disaster!

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