I feel ridiculous after all of the begging and pleading I did about asking me questions. But seriously, I am stumped… stumped by the very first question posed to me. And I just can’t move on to question number two without answering question number one. OCD I just like to have order in ONE place of my life.

So stay tuned. I am working on them right now. I just had to let you know that.

Because I am sure that my thousands of readers are sitting home on this fine Friday night waiting for my answers. So please feel free to go about your regularly scheduled plans for the time being.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Your print is now so tiny I find it impossible to read. Please return to the previous size type. It was smaller than most of the blogs, but I could read it.

    I feel badly because I have enjoyed reading your blog.


  2. {Karla} says:

    Hi Gloria!

    I’ve checked my site on Firefox and IE and the size looks the same as usual.

    I don’t know what browser you use, but take a moment to check your text size selection.

    To do so:
    In Firefox: View, Text Size, Normal (or increase, if need be)

    In Internet Explorer: Page, Text Size, Medium.

    I hope this helps and that your are able to better view my blog!


  3. You are so silly. It is OK…I went on with my regularly scheduled plans this weekend. You might want to take a deep breath…you have a lot going on right now!

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