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Do you ever worry about what would happen if your computer were to get lost, broken or stolen? At one time, I spent many hours worrying, but externally in denial, about the countless hours and hours that I would lose, should that happen to me.

As we begin to place more and more of our information. documents and photos onto our computers, we are, indeed, taking steps to get organized and safely store our info. But we are also running the risk of losing those things forever, if something were to happen to our computers.

It is important to have another backup – just in case. allows you to store up to 1G of your files for free. You must use this link to receive the 1G for free; otherwise, you will be directed to options that are only free during a short trial period. With online file storage from you can upload, share, and access your files anywhere.

For most of us, 1G is plenty. When you consider that there are other places to upload your images/photos/graphics, 1G is a lot of text documents.

I was able to upload 162 graphic images/designs and photos and used only 204 MB of the storage space. That has left right at 800 MB of storage remaining*.

The platform is easy to figure out, and simple to use. In fact, there is a drag and drop feature – drag directly from your computer.

In addition, once you upload your files, there are additional services connected to that you can use to:

  • Access and edit your documents from any computer
  • Share your documents with others directly from
  • Post files from directly to your blog (compatible with Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal.)
  • s (Open Picnik image editor)
  • Send, approve and sign contracts electronically, on the web
  • Fax any document in your account
  • Post to Facebook
  • (Send files to people through Gmail)

Bottom line: 1G is a decent amount of storage. If it is not enough, the prices for the increased storage are reasonable. And the ability to also access the documents from anywhere, makes the price more compelling.

In future posts, I will be highlighting other sites that offer online storage. There are pros and cons to each of them, and I’ll discuss these as well. At the end of the discussion, I will post a comparison chart so that you can decide which site is best for you and your storage needs.

*1GB is 1024 MB. 1024 MB is exactly 1073741824 bytes. That’s a lot of bytes.


  1. I clicked over after reading your post, and it says that it’s only free for 2 weeks for a 5GB plan. After that it’s $7.95/mo. I couldn’t find the 1GB info … maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot?

    • [modern media mom] says

      Hi Stephanie~

      I wasn’t able to grab a link for the info, but it is an option when you are signing up. It’s called LITE.

      Thank you for pointing this issue out!

  2. [modern media mom] says

    I am looking into this more (the link for the free 1GB) – apparently, the sign up has changed slightly. will be replying to me shortly and I will update my information as soon as it’s clarified.


  3. [modern media mom] says

    Article has been updated to include the Link for the free 1G of storage.

  4. I’m afraid I’m addicted to Google Docs. So simple. So easy to interface with MS Office. And SO easy to share. Best of all – – 100% free!

  5. [modern media mom] says


    I am writing an article on google docs that will be a part of this series.


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