Store Your Documents Online: Mozy


photo: thatjonjackson

This month, I am taking a look at some of the sites available online for storing your documents.

At the end of the series, I will provide an overview of each of them – pros and cons, so that you can choose the product(s) that best suits your needs.

Previously, we took a look at, which offers both free (via the link on the post) and paid storage options.

Mozy, another online storage site, also offers both free and paid options. The free option allows for up to 2G to be stored/backed-up; 1G more than For unlimited backup, it is $4.95 per month. However, unlike, it is strictly for storage.

One of the nice things about Mozy is that it can be set up to automatically back up your files. I was able to quickly backup my files, without much of a noticeable slowdown to my computer. There is an option to choose quicker backup speed or quicker computer. If you backup while away from your computer, this isn’t even an issue.

Bottom line: Mozy is a reasonable storage option for anyone who wants to be able to backup their computer without having to remember to do it.

*note: I have updated the post with more detailed information.

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