Still not sure what it is?

from What The?! Week 9

I enlarged the cropped area.

It’s not:
the slats of a wooden chair
the teeth of a comb
spaghetti noodles
chop sticks
sea grass
stems of flowers
window blinds
tiger stripes
a silpat basting brush
books on a shelf
manilla folder
or a hair under a microscope.

All are very very very good guesses.

But none are the correct one.

Keep trying!


  1. Cahleen 何凱琳 says:

    Are they candles? The thin kind that go on a birthday cake?

  2. Crafty Carolinagirl says:

    Oh, Cahleen beat me! I was going to say candles as well :)

  3. Looks like tall taper candles like from my wedding.

  4. THE OTHER HUSE says:

    DANG IT!!!

    I was thinking candles too! Why do I get here AFTER everyone else!? ARGH! I knew I should have gotten out of bed an hour early!

  5. Birthday candles!

  6. They look like bristles, so my only guess is a toothbrush. Although, I’m not sure I’ve seen yellow toothbrush bristles. Just thought I’d take a stab at it.

  7. Candles . . . I’m guessing taper candles.

  8. A Cup of Joy says:

    My guess is candles, too.

  9. It looks like a boar-bristle hairbrush to me… or one of those shaving cream brush thingies.

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