Stick a Needle In My Eye

If you’ve been reading my blog for over a month, you no doubt have heard me discuss my knitting skills, or lack thereof, and the fact that I have been teaching myself to knit.

I haven’t updated y’all on what I’ve learned. And figured it was time as I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath.

For the past month I have come to really enjoy knitting. Once I finally got the stitches down, I found it is such a nice way to relax with my husband while he watches his favorite shows.

While I’ve been learning, I have knitted and purled stitch after stitch, row after row, over and over again. Then I’d undo it all and start all over. As crazy at it sounds, I love doing that. It’s been more about the process than the finished product. Before I started a project, I wanted to make sure that I had the skill down (I’m a bit OCD when it comes to that. When I started quilting, I learned hand quilting first. I finished quilting my first small wall hanging quilt and then ripped out all of the quilt stitches from the entire quilt because by the time I finished there was such a difference between the skill and look of my first stitches and final stitches… Yeah, I’m crazy like that… It’s a wonder I ever finish anything.)

After practicing and finally being convinced that I knew what I was doing, enough to make something, I decided on a blanket. The gist of the blanket is to make many knitted squares (any size) and then stitch them all together to make the blanket. As I finally neared the end of my first square, I could feel the excitement building. I was finally getting somewhere!! I had images in my head of my sweet little babe curled up on that soft handmade blanket. Then I even began to allow myself to consider knitting one for each of my children. I began dreaming big.

Last night, I came to the end of that first square. And I knew it was the perfect time to share with you, Internets, the progress that I’ve made since I first mentioned knitting here.

So do you want to see it?

Are you ready?

Can you feel the excitement building?

The anticipation?

I can feel it palpitating through the internet connection.

Here it goes:

Hmmm, what’s that?
Not quite what you were expecting?
Neither was I…
In all of my practicing, I completely forgot to practice binding off (the process of getting your finished knitting off of the needle so that it doesn’t unravel).


I tried to make sense of the directions. But that is not a good idea when you are wanting to save what you have already done.

Not a good idea at all.

Lesson learned.

I am now teaching myself how to bind off and then, and only then, will I restart my project. The funny (HA HA HA) thing about it is that all of my books toss around the word ‘easy’ when describing binding off.

Apparently, I am in a knitting world of my own…

*Be sure to see this weeks What The? photo in the post below and take your guess.



  1. Crafty Carolinagirl says

    Oh no! And it takes so long to do even a row. Love the yarn.

  2. I’m new to reading your blog, so maybe you’ve already talked about this, but have you seen this website?

    I taught my self to knit almost two years ago, and this site was very helpful to me… GREAT videos!

  3. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    I actually knitted a full-sized blanket made of knitted/purled squares for my sister-in-law’s wedding gift back in my twenties. The whole thing! But you know what? My mom had to bind off every square because I just couldn’t GET it!

  4. Mrs. Fussy Fussypants says

    I’m sending you a link via email.

    When knitting goes really, really wrong.

    Be warned!

  5. Megan@SortaCrunchy says

    Oh yes. The Bind Off. Kind of important, I suppose. My copy of Stitch N B*&#h had pretty good instructions, if you can find a copy of that . . .

  6. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    How do you have time to knit? and blog! And run a buisiness! With 4 kids? I bow at your greatness!

  7. Karla, you can go to and they have videos of any knitting technique you might want to learn. I’ve sat here countless times, with my yarn and needles and watched, tried, watched, tried. Hope that helps you. Sometimes you just need to see it being done.

  8. I agree with you, the process itself is the fun part. You’re scaring me though, because I’m getting ready to teach myself to knit again. Years and years ago I did it. Surely I can do it again.

    I won’t forget that binding off thing though. LOL

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