Sean is off work this week for his vacation. We had a sort of hodge-podgey vacation schedule this year, because early on I had planned on taking several weeks to go home to Maryland and PA to visit family and friends. Sean can’t take more than one week at this time of year, besides, traveling hours and hours to see family, while we love them to pieces, isn’t always the best way to relax and unwind, especially when you have to travel all over while you are there and can’t really sit and chill. Can I get an amen, or are we alone on that…

So Saturday morning found Sean surprising us with a quick overnight trip to the beach. While it may have been no more relaxing getting there, it totally recharged us, aaand it was the beach. Usually, I hate the beach, except in the fall/winter, but we had such gorgeous weather, and seeing the kids eat sand enjoy the water may have softened me a bit in my beach hating attitude.

Some photos for your enjoyment:

Big cap on a little guy:


Can’t see:



There you are:


Miss Thang:


Not a cloud to be seen


DSC_1513 Yummm


Notice the white trash umbrella:


Untouched photo – look at the color of the water:


Sandy hands:


It was hard to get him to stand still long enough for a photo:




Worn out:


All of the kids were asleep by 8:00pm. Sean and I weren’t far behind.

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  1. http://mikki%20roo says

    We visited Destin a couple of years ago… it was so gorgeous, the white sand was incredible!! We stayed at the Holiday right on the beach and honestly wished we'd brought the kids cuz the place had so many kids' programs.

  2. http://Fran says

    Destin is my favorite place on earth. The pix are beautiful!!!!

  3. http://Barb says

    Beautiful. Surely this improved your attitude about the beach, which, for the record, shocks me. LOL The kids looks like their attitudes are just fine – great pictures of everyone having fun.

  4. http://Fran says

    Wait…was this Destin? BC it sure looks like that fabulous sand and water.

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