Sometimes I think Canada has the right idea

Amount (so far) in medical bills for Declan’s emergency trip and stay at the hospital: $16,675.00

Amount (as far as I could total…) for labor and delivery: $11,672.00

Amount for other medical treatments (pre-natal, labs, sick visits etc.) through the year: $7,243.00

Amount due (just for these items) after contractual adjustments and 80% paid: approx. $6,000.00

Open enrollment that means we can switch from a PPO back to an HMO: PRICELESS

I know people complain about HMOs, but I’ll take that any day over having to pay 20% (after deductible is met) for services. ‘Cause 20% of a lot of money, is STILL a lot of money!

Force me to get a referral. I’ll take it.

Force me to blow my budget. And I’ll cry foul.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Karla, I feel quite thankful that I have an HMO even though I have Medicare for my primary insurance. Learn to play the game of getting referrals and it is worth the work. We did not have a HMO when our children were young and that was really difficult getting things paid; I know how you feel.

    Mrs. W.

  2. Megan (FriedOkra) says:

    You’ll get ZERO arguments from me on this one!

  3. Eep! I definitely feel blessed to live in Canada.

  4. wow! i had no idea medical expenses were soooo crazy! i lived in CO for a short while and i remember i cut my finger. just a couple stitched i would have needed but i decided to forgo it as it would have cost me over $200 (which was waaaaaay outside of my budget).

    btw i’m coming to your country next week! just short visit with my family. (kansas)

    shalom and love….

  5. guess i am out-numbered gals. i am a total ppo person. i like have more control of who my doctors are and when i see them; especially if i need a specialist-i don’t want to not be able to go to the best doctor/therapist/specialist available just because they don’t accept hmo. totally just my opinion, but just too risky.

    paying the bill stinks either way!

  6. Oh my word. As a Canadian, I don’t think TWICE about how much medical services are going to set me back, because they don’t set me back at all. I still pay for 20% of prescription drugs, but that’s an individual thing based on whatever benefits plan the company your (or your spouse’s) workplace offers. I don’t know all the jargon about HMO’s and PPO’s, but I’m praying that God will work this all out for you, Karla, and provide you with the funds you need for your medical bills.
    Have a great day,

  7. I’m in Stacey’s camp… I’m a choice person. I need to be able to go to the doctor of my choice as often as I wish. I’ve had HMO and in the long run, it isn’t that swell, IMO.

  8. Christy ~ Central Air says:

    Medical bills or taxes… you’re going to pay for it either way.

  9. I’m not sure, but I think christy~central air may have been referring to “taxes” as Canada’s way to get around us paying for medical services. Yes, while our taxes do in part cover the cost of Medicare here in Canada, my husband and I have always, without fail, received a refund on our income tax at tax time, and there is no possible way I’ve ever paid $11,000+ to have a baby, taxes or no taxes. Maybe I’m out to lunch on all of this, but don’t Americans pay taxes as well? I’d be curious to know how your yearly tax bills compare to ours.
    Just some thoughts, (but not nasty ones), so I hope no one takes offense to this.

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