We need to love people – not personalities

Last night our church honored it’s high school seniors, who are beginning to graduate from local high schools. It was a wonderful service, filled with memories and excellent advice.

The youth leaders gave advice that I know I wish I had been given… although, at 17, I was way to smart for any advice.

But one thing that stood out was this:
“We love personalities, not people.
We need to love people.”

Isn’t this so true?
We are drawn to personalities we like. Our personal circles include personalities we like. We are┬árepelled┬áby people with personalities that rub us; we pat ourselves on the back for tolerating them… but do we love them? Do we reach out to them?


  1. Anonymous says

    I find that to be true even in the “blog” world. When in everyday life and the blog world we should realize that we are all different. People from Israel are still Jews even though some believe in Jesus and they don’t change from being Jews and their culture. India we have believers and all through out the world and they do not change thier culture. We just have to ask God to let us see through His eyes and not our own. See other through love and God’s grace and mercy. There are times when “you” (in general), can be right about something but what is more important…”you” being right?

    Sometimes we have to remove our mindsets about things that we do not know about or understand and be open to learn.

    Hope you had a Happy Mothers Day Karla!


  2. karla!! this is what i have been “pondering” the last while…
    how it is easy to be with people that talk the same as us etc etc — but I am seeing God calling us to be one despite and inspite of the many things that would prevent unity from occuring. This brings glory to Him! my husband plays in our church worship band. there are many many different personalities and tastes and preferences and gifting levels but the fact that they are able to accept one another and FLOW as a team — IS A MIRACLE IN ITSELF. :)

    sometimes it seems easier to walk away…but i think sometimes God is calling us to stand in the midst of it all and love the one that drives us crazy. :) i know He’s asking this of me. And only with his grace can i do it.

    smile. Grace and peace to you Karla!

  3. I learned my lesson last night about liking (or disliking) a personality. You can bet I will pay more attention to the person from now on.

  4. Good advice to chew on! I’m thinking it applies to our preconceptions about people as well. We tend to stereotype others and can end up hindering them from being fully themselves. Heck I’m seeing the applications to parenting as well. :)

  5. Kimberly says

    Wonderful advice and very true. I enjoy your blog and your wit and candor and sincerity. Your faith is inspiring.

    I’m delurking to tag you at:

    I do hope you accept the challenge to help try to make this wish come true in some small way.


  6. Wow. That’s pretty profound.

    My pastor talks about the fruit of the Spirit being the personality of Christ…a personality all of us should look more and more like.

    It’s easier to love when we think of seeing glimpes of his person in each other, myabe? Good thoughts to mull.

  7. Becky Wolfe says

    This is a good reminder for me because I’m just not a people person. I have a hard time reaching out, even when I want to. I do live in a very multi-cultural town so I have all sorts of variety in the people around me. I just lack the desire to find that extra push inside where God’s love can come thru instead of my indifference for people! I’m a work in progress :)

  8. That is so true….makes me think.

  9. Great advice. Never looked at it that way. Now I do. Something to pass on to my children.


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