Someone give me the number for AARP

Yesterday, I had my regular OB check-up. Sean was off and the kids stayed with him, so I was actually able to arrive to my appointment with my clothes clean, hair styled and makeup just so. This is in complete contrast to the days when I have all three kids in tow, following behind my ballooning pregnant body.

I’m usually lucky to get us all out the door, let alone have makeup on my face.

And clothes without some combination of oatmeal and jelly smeared across them? HA! Not to mention the fact that this heat has done a number on my hair – it is usually a frizzy mess these days, unless I take the time and effort to do what it really requires.

Today, I did. And so, I felt cute and sassy waddling into the doctor’s office.

However, once again, I was reminded that I am a geriatric (OB) patient. For those who asked at what age one is lucky enough to be labeled as such, it is 35. For men, it is around 65; obviously not as OB patients, but in general…

I had my regular check-up, which had already been boosted to once a week. But at yesterday’s appointment, the doctor said that he wants to see me twice a week until the baby is born, due to my age and my history of fast labors.

Amazing – just like that, I went from feeling cute and sassy, to feeling like I will soon need a walker and cataract glasses.


  1. HI. I’m visiting via BigMama. I just wanted to say bless you heart! 2 trips to the dr. a week….yuck.
    I would love to have a 4th child but I am a bit scared (not to mention that my hubby isn’t on board with it) because with my third daugther my wather broke at home and I was 7 cm by the time I got there…..your labors must be really fast to have to be seeing the doctor twice a week.
    God bless you!
    In HIM –

  2. Megan (FriedOkra) says:

    I can so relate, my dear. After my first sonogram appt with Bean, the doctor handed me a few printed scan images. I noticed on the top of each one they’d printed “Megan Surname – AMA.” Excited and giggly from the joy of seeing my little one for the first time, I said, “AW! How sweet, but look, you left out the first ‘M’ in MAMA.”

    “Oh. That’s not for Mama. That’s AMA – Advanced Maternal Age.”

    So when you get that number for AARP, email it to me, okay?

    Hugs – M

  3. Terri @ In His Hands says:

    What comes after AARP because that’s the category that I’m in. :)

    Did you know that I’ll be seeing my baby’s face around the same time you’ll be giving birth? :) Of course, I’ll have to wait to NOVEMBER to see her in person but still!

  4. Geriatric, eh? THat’s not any fun. I know so many friends who are becoming mothers for the first time at 37, 38, 39 that it seems rather cruel to label them as such.

  5. Bloggin' with a basket o' clothes at my side says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog today! I always hope something I’m saying is helping someone!

    So what’s baby is this for you? I tried to search through and see but I couldn’t tell exactly. I see your daughter had a recital this year, just like mine! How sweet.

    I may be in your boat soon, as well.

    And I’m 35 too! AND graduated colled in 1994 TOO.

    Lots in common!

    Keep in touch.

  6. The Flip Flop Mamma! says:

    You’re so funny you made me giggle!! Geesh, you’re not getting “checked” twice a week are you?? Yuck!

  7. It seems ridiculous to me. My word, you’re so young! Women are having babies in their late 40’s.

    Your history of fast labors is the only reason I’d be OK with what he said. That’s something to stay on top of, for sure.

  8. Cindy Swanson says:

    Eeesh! How frustrating! At my age,(which shall remain unmentioned) I think of 35 as a mere child.

    But don’t let it get you down…I’m sure you’re as cute and sassy as can be. :)

  9. Becky Wolfe says:

    Awww – you sounded so cute & sassy too. What a way to burst your bubble. You are far from geriatric, even in the OB world!

  10. :) !!!! loved that comment re “age”. i’m 35 too — so i’m expecting some intensity from the other side whenever i should find myself pregnant.



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