Some Random Randomness about me

I was tagged by Sista Cala for a meme of 8 random things. I’m pretty random, so this is never too hard. The hard part is figuring out which ones will be interesting to others.

  • I love driving. It’s always been my comfort zone – to be in my car, headed somewhere.
  • I have a deviated septum (from a car accident)
  • I fractured my patella (kneecap) while jogging. (It’s my other knee that usually bothers me, from compensating for the fracture)
  • I also fractured my nose (when I received the deviated spetum)
  • I fractured a bone in my foot repelling (It was the first time I had ever repelled and I did what is called “oppossuming” – I flipped over onto my back with my feet up in the air)
  • I was repelling off the roof of my parents home
  • I continued to repel after that, and loved it!
  • Because of the fracture, I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes that don’t pinch one foot (where it healed funny from the fracture) or flop off of the other (in order to get them to fit properly on the funky fractured foot)

I should have called this the “broken bones meme”… I had never ever broken a bone before, and all of these occured within a few years of each other…

And they all cause me some sort of trouble to this day. I plan on (finally) having surgery to correct the deviated septum after the baby is born – since my deductible will have already been met. Aren’t I clever?!?


  1. That IS clever. I’ve broken some minor bones – toes, mostly – and my BIG break was when I fractured my collarbone from falling off a bike. THAT HURT!

  2. Exactly what I was thinking – the broken bones meme. LOL

    Good grief. You should take up knitting. No wait. There are sharp points on knitting needles. :-)

  3. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    haha, you’re right “Broken Bones Meme!” lol. Good plan on getting the septum fixed!

  4. Off my roof??!!?? That isn’t what you told me back then. lol!
    Love anyway,

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