So, you’re sayin’ you don’t like the pants, right?

The shirt that I posted about yesterday was the very shirt that caused my husband to drag me out for some new clothes a few months back. There was no doubt in my mind that he was smirking at the comments being left. (Y’all don’t hold back do you??)

The following is conversation I had with my husband this afternoon:

Me: I guess you feel pretty justified from all of the comments left about my shirt?

Sean: What about those pants you are wearing right now?

Me: I gotta go slow. If I get rid of them, what will I have left for those days when I need something sloppy… like when painting?

Sean: You’d wear those to church.

Me: Would not.

Sean: Would too.

Me: Would not.

Sean: If you could find the right shirt to match them britches, you’d wear them to church.

He’s probably right.

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