So you say you can’t find the time

Is that your excuse for not spending time with God and pursuing a relationship with Him?

Thanks to Lisa T. Bergren (author of the adorable God Gave us You) we no longer have that excuse standing in our way. She has written The Busy Mom’s Devotional. And the tag line? 10 Minutes a Week to a Life of Devotion.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Ten minutes per week is not a ton of time to spend together with anyone you are trying to get to know and maintain a relationship with. This book isn’t even trying to suggest that. As Lisa mentions in the intro, this is about making it a gift of time versus another guilt-inducing “to do” in your life. It is a starting spot for being able to carve out a chunk of time. And if you prefer, take the 52 devotionals and use one daily for 52 days.

This is no watered-down devotional. It is designed to make you think and to help you focus on Him.

One of the things that I love about it is that at the beginning of each session there is a spot titled Things on My Mind. Who of us doesn’t have fifty gajillion things bumping around in our minds at any given moment. This is a place to write down those things – grocery lists, to-do lists… anything keeping you from being able to focus.

Want a copy for yourself? That’s what I thought. So I am giving away a copy here on the ‘ole bl-awg. To enter – leave a comment telling me what has been standing in the way of a regular quiet time. I will pick a winner, same as always. You have until this Sunday afternoon, the 20th to enter. I will announce the winner that evening.

Once again. I’d love to give one to each of you, but I have to buy diapers this weekend… But if you don’t win, have no fear! Lisa is giving away three books. Head over to Lisa’s (here) and sign up for her newsletter. Send her a quick email with “I just enrolled” in the subject line. (You can do this right from the contact page).

Be blessed.


  1. Oh my, you’re getting us to admit to this are you? ;v)

    What’s standing in my way? Well I guess I can give a million excuses but bottom line, for me it’s undiscipline. There I said it. :v(

  2. Michelle says:

    Becoming discouraged that whatever time I could make is not enough time, instead of realizing anytime is better than no time.

  3. Vintage Dutch Girl says:

    I always feel like I get punished for doing more self-indulgent things (working out, reading, studying my bible or devotions) instead of laundry, dishes etc.

    The chores pile up, and I feel that I can’t keep up!

    I appreciate the thought that devotions and time with God is not a TO DO that needs to be crossed out. It is SO good to be reminded of that frequently



  4. Jungles Wife says:

    I highly recommend 1 Year Daily Audio Bible podcast. Even if you don’t have an iPod, you could just download iTunes (free), subscribe (free), and listen to it on your computer every day. Did I mention it’s free?

    I have an iPod and I listen to it first thing every morning. I put my iPod on the nightstand and start listening even before I get out of bed sometimes. I can keep listening while I get up and start the coffee, feed the cat, etc. It will change your life – guaranteed!

    There are lots of other free podcasts by speakers like Joyce Meyer etc.

  5. Wow! this is great! Ive been getting up early to make sure I spend time with God, but find my mind often wanders!

  6. I’m on my face, in silence before God, knowing that if I start to talk, I’ll throw a major temper tantrum…does that count?

    PS: Tell me what you think of “Uncharted”! I could not stop thinking about this book. It kept me awake for a few nights.

  7. Ahh…the ticking clock…wandering mind…dishes…laundry…carpool…cooking…cleaning…dare I admit…blogging:(
    Thanks for the reminder!!

  8. My current excuse is the baby’s sleep schedule. When she isn’t teething and she is sleeping regularly, I can usually get up an hour before she does to have quiet time. But the teething has been tough this week, so I’m too tired to get up before she does.

    Can’t wait to read this! I’ve heard so many great things about it!

  9. Mackenzies Momma says:

    What’s standing in my way? I could lie and come up with some long winded answer that wasn’t the whole truth but I’m better than that.

    I am what is standing in my way of taking the time to know him better. Don’t get me wrong I went to church growing up, but within the last few years I have had some serious doubts, about the whole religion thing. I KNOW god is there, BUT I really wonder sometimes. Heck I even am involved in a ‘religious group’ for moms, but when the discussion actually turns to god/religion/beliefs I tend to run and hide my feelings.

  10. Sister Honey Bunch says:

    I love the fact that this devotional is not watered down. I want to get deep into a study and my relationship with God.

    I’m doing pretty good right now, but when I do struggle, it’s usually about “time”. I’m a working mom and I have to schedule my quiet time or else it doesn’t happen.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow–nothing is really standing in my way but Satan’s excuses and his lie that I am too busy for the MOST important thing!! I am sooo undisciplined with my quiet time. I do have 4 children, but I stay up too late reading so I am always tired and unfocused early in my day!! Thanks for the give away. I LOVE your blog.

  12. 1stopmom says:

    This is kind of a hard one for me. It seems like I always have something to do. With a husband, 4 kids and a dog someone always needs me something. And the those few minutes I do find, I feel guilty about not doing something productive like; mopping the kitchen, sweeping the living room floor, doing another load of laundry and well you get the idea.

  13. Jill @ Live, Laugh, Blog says:

    Is it too late?

    I am busy nursing and potty training and folding laundry and trying to blog (yeah… that last one isn’t so important).

    But this seems awesome. And even if I don’t win, I think I’ll check it out!

  14. Lisa Tawn Bergren says:

    Thanks, Karla, for telling your readers about my book! I hope you all get even three minutes to think about God today–and how Christ is with each of us, even in and out of the mundane!
    Lisa Bergren

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