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Does anyone know why my site meter would suddenly stop working? It’s only happening on this blog, but when I click on my site meter button it takes me to the site meter home page, not to my stats. It show that I am logged in but doesn’t show anything. My other blog doesn’t have this problem…

(is that a record for the # of times “site meter” has ever been used consecutively??)


*updated* site meter is now back to doing it’s site-meter-y thing that it does: metering my site


  1. http://Big%20Mama says

    I have no solution, but I will tell you that mine is doing the same thing. I sent an email to them asking about it, I’ll let you know what I find out.

  2. http://RobZoneNet says

    Too bad you don’t have your own server. AWSTATS is what i use on all my sites. Here is an example:

  3. http://Jennifer says

    mine did this for a day too, then was back to normal. I could still see the counter working on my blog, but that wasn’t the point. I don’t have it for the count, I just love to see who is visiting, from where, and what pages they are looking at.

    I didn’t realize just how much I like to know these things, till it stopped working. I think I got the shakes…

    Jenny in Ca

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