Silly Girl

Abbie got glasses on friday (she is near-sighted) and trying to get a photo of her in them is like trying to hit a bulls-eye blindfolded… As you can see from the photo, she is a ham. Nothing like a little silliness to brighten the day!
*when she got the glasses she was walking around the mall like she had never seen it before – she was excited about how good everything looked.


  1. http://Rob says

    She looks so cute. I bet it changed her life.

  2. http://Laurie says

    She looks so sweet and cute. Emily said the other day, “I miss my Abbie and Quinners. I wish they didn’t have to move away. I understand why they did, but I miss seeing them all the time.”

    We do miss all you guys so much. Love you lots and miss you bunches.

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