Shine Your Sink with the FlyLady

While she won’t come to your home and do the cleaning for you (I know… bummer), the FlyLady has a proven track record of helping women (and men) cut through the clutter that has taken over many many a home.

I started on the program 8 years ago, after my daughter was born. I came across the site and was immediately drawn to the idea of having my home in order. At the time, I printed out all of the information and placed it in a 3-ring binder.

I received my daily email reminder for that days step.
I cleaned my sink daily. And got dressed from head to toe (though I didn’t put on shoes – we don’t wear our shoes indoors)

Then one day, I just quit. Flat out quit.
(But I did continue to shine my sink!)

I think I just got overwhelmed with all of the information. Between that and a new baby, I was destined to have a head explosion.

But I’ve thought about the FlyLady a lot and I’ve seen many others have success with her program, so I decided to take another look.

And guess what?! The FlyLady has gone high tech! She’s got a radio program, videos and she’s even on Twitter.

Some links for getting started:

Where to Start
Beginner BabySteps

I admit that I still find the site really really overwhelming to look at (and dare I say, unattractive… but that’s a hang up with the artist in me). There is just so much information.

So go in with blinders – start with the links above and move from there.

In no time, you too will be living clutter-free and doing the Super Fling Boogie.


  1. You’ve known about FL for 8 years??! WOW! I’ve only known about her for 2 -but really, as you know, I’m a die hard.

  2. I can’t do it. I’m so NOT cut out for it. I’m a Flunkie. :-(

  3. I’ve loved FL and gotten really annoyed with FL. Overall the idea of a timer and doing little jobs – not rocket science, but sometimes we all can use a little reminder :)

  4. Oh, how I wish I could get with this program. (or any program, really) Her website is quite hard to look at, but she has great tips. Good for you for getting back on the horse. Or the fly. Well, you know what I mean. :)

    • Trust me, Mary. I don’t know that I’ll ever fully “get with the program”. But I find that some of the basics have stuck with me after all of these years. I’m hoping that I’ll pick up a few more nuggets, this time around, that will help me and stay with me as well.

  5. Hi there! I love your site! The design is absolutely gorgeous! I am looking forward to read more.

    By the way, I came here looking for blog about FlyLady because I would love to make some new friends since I just started blogging about FlyLady myself. I would love for you to visit my blog (only if you’re interested of course, I don’t want to be all spammy lol).

    Maybe we can cheer each other on :)

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