Setting myself up for some public humiliation

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time… but am too afraid no one will have anything to ask me, so, I’ve put it off. But I see it making the rounds on blogs again, and I find it fascinating.

What do you want to know about me? Or about anything I’ve written on my blog.

Please ask in comments. And don’t make me have to create a bunch of fake profiles to ask questions of myself. That would just be sad.


So ask. And I promise I will answer. Unless it is none of your business.


  1. http://Kelli says

    Name six things about yourself that you’ve never talked about here.

    What were you like in high school? What did you like best and least about yourself then that changed now?

  2. http://Michelle says

    What are you most looking forward to about attending She Speaks? Are you nervous about any aspect of the conference?

  3. http://HRH says

    What questions would you make up if no one asked you questions (and that would be just sad)?

  4. http://Karla says

    Are you a “hugger”? Do you think you would’ve been a hippie back in the day? ;) (We share the same name and I’m that way, so I was just curious.)

  5. http://The%20Nester says

    You are so funny!

    I want to know what you would like for me to have for you when I get to meet you when you come for SheSpeaks. I am waaay too excited about this. I haven’t been backreading your blog, do you like coffee? Hot or cold? Do you eat meat? Are you expecting my house to be clean? Are you afraid that I am gonna turn out to be a 70 year old bald man from Canada? Why are all of my questions not about you but–about ME?

    And I am totally starstruck that Bossy reads your blog. Are you friends in real life?

  6. http://Cyndy says

    I’m very curious about your design ‘stuff’. I always like your headers and buttons.
    Did you study design in college? Are you self taught? What computer programs do you use? Do you have a “design philosophy”?

    I was a graphic design major just before graphic design moved to the computer. I’ve kinda been out of it for awhile and I’m trying to update myself…oy that could take awhile…phbbt!

  7. http://Jenn says

    Where did you grow up? As a child were you a girlie girl or a Tomboy? What were you into? How many siblings do you have? Who was your celebrity crush in Junior High and High School?

    That should keep you busy for awhile. :o)

  8. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    if you could choose what era to live in (besides the current era) what era would it be? i’ve been thinking about this lately and, although, i haven’t answered the question myself, i find it fascinating to picture myself in another era. dumb question????

    have a great day!


  9. http://Beck says

    What kind of music do you listen to during the day (or do you?)?
    Did you ever consider shaving your head in the late 80s-early 90s?
    Any tattoos?

  10. http://Susanne says

    What would be your dream family vacation and what would be your dream vacation with just your hubby?

  11. http://mer says

    Are you open to sharing some of your financial journey with us?

  12. http://Vintage%20Dutch%20Girl says

    Do you like to wear flip flops? If so, what are your favorite brands?

    We like the old navy ones over here.

  13. http://Domestic%20Chicky says

    What is your favorite thing about blogging? Your least favorite? Are we gonna take over the web design-o-sphere??

  14. http://Jen%20@%20JenuineJen says

    What are your current goals and how is your progress towards them? Why do you only like the beach in the fall?

    BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog.

  15. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    You have 14+ questions already, lady! Whaddaya want?

    I want to know if you have goals for your blog? Like for readership, comments, etc. And how you set them.

    What’s your biggest pet peeve?

  16. http://Christine says

    Does it irritate you when I get my articles in late? Honestly?

  17. http://Barb says

    Oh my! You were worried about nothing, Karla. Not only a lot of people asking questions, but they’re all asking multiple questions!

    I’m not going to ask anything specific. Personally, I’ll be thrilled if you answer Beck’s questions. LOL

  18. http://Meredith says

    You and I are both very picky about the way things look.

    What does your ideal house look like?

  19. http://Kimmy says

    What would you have named your children had they been the opposite gender that they are? For instance, say you had one boy and three girls . . . . what would the names be?

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