Saving Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

I usually feel like an oddball when it comes to this topic, because I am one of the few people who doesn’t seem to have unlimited text and calls on my cell phone. I have a really basic phone (It does take photos) and a prepaid calling plan. It helps us stick to our budget.

But if you are have to have something other than a prepaid plan but also need to fit it into your budget, I would suggest trying out the following sites and tools to see if you can bring down your cell phone bill.


Bill Shrink: Find the out if you are getting the best price on cell phone plans, but also check on gas prices and credit cards. (free)

Over My Minutes: Want to make sure you don’t go over your minutes, but are too busy to keep track? Sign up at Over My Minutes and you will receive an alert on your phone when you are getting close. (free)

Or, you can go all crazy like me, and just use a prepaid card. Frankly, I can’t stand being on the phone all of the time, so it suits me fine. Maybe it will work for you too.

Sound off: How do you save money on your cell phone bill?


  1. Prepaid also works great for me. I love the simplicity of my plan, no contracts, no hidden fees and simple arithmetic..5c for texting and 10c per min. I’m not much of a talker/texter and what I have (Net10) is ideal. I used to pay $45 a month with the lest amount of min. (450) available but I used less than 100 min/month. So basically I was paying for unused minutes for tooooo long..until a friend of mind send me this funny link, Thanks Patty :)

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