Save your home equity loan for something that works

Did any of you get yourselves a cute outfit from Bitten last weekend?

I’m still fightin’ the frump frugal style this week.

If you are a woman, you most likely have a drawer full closet full room full few pieces of makeup or skin care treatment that you don’t use. Either you discovered you hated the color once you got home and away from the sales lady who was Just Amazed At How Lovely You Look in that $30.00 tube of Sweet Mandarin Orange lipstick!! (I got a bridge to sell you), or you realized that the product just flat out lied and doesn’t do what it said it did (Hello, Cellulite Remover?!?)

The best way to save money when buying beauty products is to not waste it on products that don’t work!

Enter this book:
Over 30,000 products were tested and are rated on their claims. Paula Begoun cuts through the jungle of hype for you. I was rather amazed at some the findings.

It might save you from falling for this:

* Of course, I borrowed it from the library, so I saved myself even more.


  1. http://Sister%20Honey%20Bunch says

    I love the library! I’m reserving that book. Thanks!

  2. What a great resource. Love the before and after pictures…

  3. http://Tamra says

    I need that book. There’s something about those unbelievable advertisements that make me want to believe I can have the perfect skin of a newborn babe if only I use their $70 an ounce product…

  4. http://Beck says

    I love that book – it has ssaved me SO MUCH MONEY!

  5. http://Erika says

    I need to see if my library has that book. And yes two weeks ago I did buy me some Bitten work clothes. I looked too cute in my 8.98 pants and 8.98 shirt.

  6. http://jennwa says

    That sounds like a great book, I am going to have to check it out. Thanks.

  7. http://DaisyBug says

    OOOOOh! I am so looking for that tomorrow when I go to the library – thanks!

  8. I love this book! Love knowing what’s a deal and what needs to stay on the shelf.

  9. http://Katrine says

    I will have to check out that book. I have some things I’ve been wondering about!

  10. http://Jenn says

    After reading these comments I know I need this book!

    I also just check out the Bitten site. Oh my what cute clothes! How can they be so cheap? I am looking forward to ordering something. Thanks for the info.

    I think I will pass it along on my blog.

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