Revisiting Open Source

j0430817 Any regular reader of Modern Media Mom has surely noticed that I have an affinity for Open Source software (OSS) and applications. After all, when people join together, ideas can come flooding out, thereby increasing the chance for a quality product.

I’ve written about several Open Source sites on MMM, and have also come across more sites that keep up-to-date listings of Open Source sites in development.

One such site is Open Source Living. Not only does the site keep a current list of OSS, but it is a community built around the idea of collaboration and member involvement. The types of OSS are broken into relevant categories and each OSS can be reviewed by users. Unfortunately, the sites ‘sourced’ section isn’t being updated regularly, but the listing of OSS is quite thorough, and the forums seem to be relatively active.

Damicon’s List of Open Source Software is another great listing of OSS. They also readily admit “Open source is not for everyone (but neither is Windows). DAMICON simply wants to help you to make an informed decision.”

Sound off: What OSS have you tried? If you haven’t tried it, what are your reasons?

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