Instagrate for WordPress: not feeling it

So… I took some time to try out the “Instagrate for WordPress” plugin.

Ideally… it would have been perfect.

Unfortunately, all I probably accomplished with it was annoying my readers.

And I apologize!

I share so much of my life via Instagram, and I wanted to figure out a way to share it here, via my blog.

WordPress has made huge leaps in the upgrades to their app and I think it will do what I want, without annoying my readers with lots of random posts.
(*I did ask the plugin developer to create an option to post a ‘daily’ update… and he thought it was a great idea!!! [and THAT, I’d do!!])

So, my apologies for the crazy posts… Although it is indicative of my life, I need to figure out a tidier way to share my chaotic world.


There is a time to avert your eyes. And a time to take notice.

(*this post was originally posted November 19, 2007)

This past weekend I had several errands to run, so Saturday I loaded up the kids and we headed to the stores.

We first went to lunch, because frankly, it was like Old Mother Hubbard’s house around here. The cupboard’s were bare, short of a bag of leftover Halloween candy. That would have been a viable option for me, except that I had already eaten all of the candy that I like…

After lunch we hit some of the local stores. I knew exactly where I wanted to go and what I needed to get.

When we lived in Wisconsin, this would have been no quick trip. We lived in a very rural town and had to travel 2 hours to the nearest mall and 45 minutes to the nearest Wal-Mart. (but no walking barefoot through the snow uphill both ways…) Any shopping had to be planned or done online.

The lovely part of this was that I learned to be content with what I had. Honestly, there’s not much I can think of buying that a 2 hour trip in a car with kids won’t cure me of. I did most of my clothes shopping online.

When we moved to Maryland, I stayed away from the malls because we didn’t have the money to get by each week, let alone do any extra shopping.

But recently, I’ve had to go into REAL stores, with real items I can touch! and smell! and they are displayed so lovely. And the desire for “things” has had to be stuffed aside repeatedly. I was amazed at the things that I began to think that I “needed”… things that before Saturday, I didn’t even know I could buy. I went into BabiesRUs to use a gift certificate that we received for Declan’s birth. I knew just what I wanted… but walking to the right aisle led me past digital baby scales for making sure your baby is the perfect weight in between doctor’s visits. Sterilization kits. Gadgets for increasing your baby’s IQ in utero. Luxury strollers. I had to keep my eyes averted just to keep from passing out from the panting.

Even our local Wal-Mart is fancy, with its wooden floors and track lighting. Shopping at Wal-Mart is hard enough without having to deal with every thing screaming from the racks for you to take it home.

It is hard to be content.

There is so much that we think we must have.

That we think will make us happy.

That will fill a void.

That we think will make us popular and well-thought of.

If only we had could have it.

Then life would be be complete.

But that’s not how its supposed to be. Not when there are people who have to do without basic necessities each and every day. When people are suffering from diseases that are treatable.

I love beautiful things. And don’t believe there is anything inherently wrong with beautiful things. But there is when we ignore the suffering of others while we bask in “OUR” things.

My prayer for each of us is that we will be content with the things we’ve been blessed with and that we will remember and help take care of those who have been blessed with little.

Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.
~ Deuteronomy 15:11

My Random Thought for the Day

For years, we have speculated that the car industry has had the technology to produce super-fuel-efficient automobiles.

"Oh, they could do it, if they really wanted to." or "They aren’t making them because the oil industry has paid them off/has lined their pockets."


today’s economy

+ the price of gas

+ the fact that car industries are starting to suffer and preparing to tank?

Yeah – that, to me, equals a big fat NO THEY DON’T. Because IF they did have that technology? They’d be producing the crap out of it so that people would be gobbling up their super-fuel-efficient autos and putting money back in their company.

Just my humble opinion.

What is yours?

A post with no point

I must say that the past month’s unintentional blogging slow-down has been nice. I haven’t gotten all stressed about my stats and subscribers and such. And yet the internet did NOT fall off it’s axis and y’all still stopped by to say hi and to check in.

(how sweet are y’all??!!?)

I was talking with a friend on the phone the other day and told her that I felt as though my blogging mojo was returning because I found myself crafting posts in my head. A far cry from the empty vessel my brain has been recently.

While I don’t have a story crafted for my post today, I do have a list of semi-gargantuan proportions chocked full of random nuggets of random randomness.

~ Quinn lost his first tooth. He came home from school 2 weeks ago, mentioned he had a loose tooth and had that sucker out before bedtime. He is saving up for a CloneWar toy. I’m surprised he hasn’t yanked all of his teeth out to pay for it.

~ Quinn also got sent home from school a week ago. The sheriff came to our home because the school couldn’t reach me. Quinn was covered in chigger bites (same song, 20th verse) from a trip into the woods. Someone thought they looked like chicken pox. He was not allowed back in school without a note stating that he wasn’t contagious. Fortunately, they have off school this week, so he’ll have time to heal those bites (or scratch the heck out of them and end up with impetigo again, and have to stay out of school for that next week…)

~ Several weeks ago, I purchased a can of Rust-o-leum spray paint to purty up some lamps my mom was getting rid of. The cashier asked for ID because of an apparent surge of middle aged women taking up “huffing“. It was really funny too me at the time, but after watching an episode of Intervention where the girl was addicted to Air Duster, I will never think of the song “Walking On Sunshine” in the same way. (and then I spoke with my two oldest about inhalants.)

~ NESTER and ROBIN are staying with me next weekend. That alone will be Bliss.

~ I will be moving my blog to WordPress soon. I already have it up but I used it to test a header for someone else.

~ I received a ZUNE for my birthday. Now someone please tell me: what do I need to do with it? Recommendations?

So tell me, please: What is up in your world?

The internet is the biggest little small town

Last night I was insane with my Twitterings… Everyone had gone on to bed and I still had some work to do. Rather than talk to myself, I Twittered.

No, this isn’t another shameless post begging for you to follow me.

In fact, I don’t want you to follow me unless you really want to.

And I’ll tell you why:

I’ve seen a lot of people discussing Twitter recently. And without a doubt, the common thread in these posts has been the sense of community that has begun to develop. In fact, there are people who I have gotten to know through my blog and/or their blog. But not until I began Twittering have really begun to feel a depth to those relationships. Additionally, there are people who I have gotten to know strictly from Twitter.

It’s been sort of like watching something in 2-D and then putting on the 3-D glasses and getting the full perspective on it.

On my blog, as transparent as I think I tend to be, there are still things that don’t get conveyed. Not because I don’t want to, but because they tend to come in little snippets that don’t qualify as a real blog post. My brain tends to work in random bits of information anyway. Like a little strobe light flashing all day long.

Also, on my blog, I tend to speak in a certain voice. It’s my blog voice. And it is the real me. But again – it’s not the complete picture. I also have a dumb, flighty side. A confused, “duh” side. And an irritable, “arrgh” side.

Shocked? (I hope not!)

I hope I don’t ever give the illusion of having it all together. Because I don’t.

But blogging gives me a place to sort through it all. And to see that we all go through the same sorts of things.

I’m kooky, silly, dimwitted, rambling and talkative.

And Twittering gives me a place to prove it.