Quick recap and run down

I wanted to post pictures from my daughter’s art exhibit (;-) but I can’t find my camera… I’m thinking my mom may have taken it home with her after her visit?? Or maybe my husband took it fishing with him this morning to document his fun… not sure… BUT I will post them as soon as the missing camera is located.

I’ll also save the write up on for the the post with the pictures (let me just say Abbie was IN HER ELEMENT!! and she soaked it up like George Hamilton soaks up sun rays)

Also, Cool Mom Picks had my review on monday (for the mommy cards) — if you haven’t checked them out, go here for the review and use the code on that post for a 10% discount. That is on top of the fact that I just lowered the price for 100 cards.

Finally, (for now) Janice and Susan, at 5 Minutes for Mom, are having a Dyson Vaccum giveaway. If you win it, please give it a hug and a kiss for me, okay?


  1. Art exhibit! Wow, that’s fun – and that George Hamilton line was so funny!
    I’m off to check out your card review!

  2. Lol to your comment for the winner of the dyson vacuum! Now it could very well be you who wins, you know!

    How exciting that your daughter had an art exhibit. That is so exciting for that age group to see their art work up on a wall or display so nicely. Good for her!

  3. Thought you might like this site: http://www.TheHopeWithin.org

  4. Terri @ In His Hands says

    That’s hilarious (the GH sun ray line)! Whenever you are ready, I’ll place my order with you for my cards! I’m so glad you’re being recognized for your talent! What a great review!

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