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So I’ve got some questions for you. I know from experience, that my readers come out in droves when I ask y’all questions. {I totally love that, by the way} So I know you won’t disappoint.

My questions: (feel free to answer one, all, or stick your tongue out at me)

Do you have a hairspray that you recommend? I don’t want anything stiff. Just a nice movable hold, that might add some volume. (is that even possible?)

Has anyone tried Oil of Olay’s Regenerist? I see it recommended, and winning wrinkle tests, but curious if it really does a good job (skeptical, much?)

Is a professional hairdryer worth the money?

There you go. Opinions? Ideas? Suggestions?

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  1. http://Loralee%20Choate says

    I have no idea. I DO know that a really, really good straightener is ABSOLUTELY worth it.

  2. http://Natalie says

    hm…well i am of absolutely no help here. i don’t use hairspray, because i run my fingers through my hair too much and twirl my hair. i hate the way hairspray feels. i have never used the oil of olay product mentioned, but i have seen it recently here on the shelves…in turkey…pretty amazing. i even picked it up and looked at it and tried to decipher what it says about it in turkish, but i gave up. i do have an awesome hairdryer, that was expensive, but, again, this is turkey where electronics don’t come cheap so i have no idea how professional it is!

    and my work here is done.

  3. http://Master%20Investment says

    I am not master in this matter, but I can recomment this site: http://hairstyles.i4biz.com

  4. http://Jo says

    I use hair products from Kendra (you an buy at Ulta). They have different holds but I find the “strong hold” I use isn’t sticky and you can put your hands through it.

    I can’t use Oil of Olay products – Oily skin doesn’t do well under OoO

    As for a hair dryer, I don’t pay any more than what WalMart has on sale (snort). Actually, I’ve heard the $200 ones are the best … please tell me how a $200 dryer can get my mop dry faster, or better, than my $30 one from WalMart? Can’t convince me. I’d say No on that one.

  5. http://Beck says

    My hair dresser told me that she loves her hair dryer so much that she waited until it was on sale and bought it for everyone on her Christmas list. Which I guess is a recommendation for professional dryers.

  6. http://Kim%20H. says


    I used to be a total salon product addict – I had been sucked in to believe that if it costs more, it must be better, right. Recently, I’ve had to reign in my spending – imagine that. But I completely by accident stumbled upon a really great hairspray.

    It’s by Garnier – you know the green bottles – it’s called Full Control – All Day Flexible Hold – Strong. And I really like it. I have thick, coarse hair and I definitely think it holds without the AquaNet crunch or helmet hair look. And it smells yummy and light. I like that. I’m sold on it.

    Now I haven’t tried the Oil of Olay Regenerist yet – but have thought about it. Recently, I have been using the Oil of Olay daily cleansing cloths. I really like them. They don’t dry out my face and I feel fresh and clean. So if there are any of those components in their Regenerist line, I bet you can’t go wrong. Honestly, I’ve always liked Oil of Olay just plain old moisturizer, so I’d say go a head and try it.

    As for hairdryers – I have bad luck with them. Seems I always burn them out so I buy just plain old cheapy Conair or Revlon ones – like whatever’s cheapest at Target or Kmart that week.

    And you look lovely today too! :)

  7. http://aheartforhome says

    I use Tresseme hairspray from WalMart. It’s cheap but it’s not full of water so it holds.

    The only thing I use from Oil of Olay is moisturizer.

    I can’t imagine paying the $$ for a professional hairdryer no matter how good it is. I mean, the cheap ones still blow hot air, no?

  8. http://SteamyKitchen says

    I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a $200 hairdryer if it also did my laundry and ironing every week.

    oh, and the dishes too.

  9. http://Rita says

    I have tried Oil of Olay’s Regenerist and saw no difference what so ever. I have lost confidence in all of these products as nothing I have tried has worked. Now I have very small wrinkles around my eyes noticeable only by me but would love to stop them now. Not sure if there is anything out there that really works but I am searching. I’ll be sure to let you know if I do!

    (Oh, love your site!)


  10. http://brittany says

    I LOVE LOVE Big Sexy Hair. I use the the hairspray and the root pump plus. They have them in two holds. The lowest is perfect. It holds, but isn’t “helmet-y”. IT’s a little pricier than something from Walmart($18) but so worth it. I can use one can for 2-3 months.

  11. http://Darla%20@%20UltraBeautyBoutique says

    Aquage FINISHING spray for hair. TOTALLY!

    No to the Olay Regenerist. I tried it – I didn’t like the smell and my face felt gross. But I have weird skin.

    No a profesesional hair dryer is not the “total” answer. A good one with some sort of diffuser is tho. I have had both professional and non-professional and can’t tell the difference as long as it’s got a diffuser of some sort.

  12. http://cmcain31 says

    I use Redken Quick Dry hairspray(#18). It is not very stiff and it is workable. I would recommend using a prof. dryer. If you have a Sally’s Beauty Supply nearby, they have good dryers for between $20 and $30. Make sure that it has a removable lint collector, though. If you keep it cleaned out, the dryer should last for several years. Hope this helps. And by the way, I LOVE your blog!!

  13. http://Cyndy says

    Suave. Cheap and effective. I should mention though that I live in a dryer climate than you do so maybe that makes a difference in how products feel on your hair.

    I’ve never used the Oil of Olay Regenerist stuff although I was getting pretty close to taking the plunge when someone suggested I try cleansing my face with Witch Hazel. It really has made a difference in the “appearance of dry lines”. I cleanse with it morning and evening and I still use a little Oil of Olay regular moisterizer. I’ve noticed quite an improvement in how my skin feels and looks. And the Witch Hazel costs A LOT less than the other stuff.

    As for hair dryers…why spend more than necessary? I’m curious if the professional dryers are just built for more use as opposed to the once daily use a cheaper dryer gets. Way back awhile I wrote this post on keeping your hair dryer clean http://walkingfaithfully.blogspot.com/2007/11/wfmw-cleaning-your-blow-dryer.html
    I think keeping it clean really makes all the difference in how long it lasts and how effectively it works.

    My over all philosophy on all three of the above is…why pay more?

    Okay, I’m done writing this little book! I’ll shut-up now! :)

  14. http://amyanne says

    I don’t use hairspray because I’m a hair twirlers too…plus my hair is too thick and heavy to stay in one place.

    Yes. a professional hairdryer is worth it if your hair tends on the frizzy/dry side. They get hotter, so your hair dries faster and prevents friz and over-drying. But the trick is to have a hair dresser as your best friend…then she can buy it at cost. :)

  15. http://Elizabeth says

    i love treseme’s flex hold…try it, you’ll like it! :-)

  16. http://Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    Hairspray- I currently have a bottle of Garnier Fructis Style “full control” hairspray. It is not to heavy or sticky, and works fine for me.
    I saw commercial this morning for the Oil of Olay Reginerist and wondered about it, as well. Glad you asked and I am curious to see the responses.

  17. http://Anonymous says

    I love the Wal-mart (Equate) brand of Regenerating Night Cream. The package says “compare to OoO regenerist…”. It makes my skin very soft (and it’s about half the price!). Holly

  18. http://Elizabeth says

    I have been struggling for awhile but since I chopped my hair and inverted bobbed it….I have a rountine. I am way too much of a hair junkie.

    I use V05 Weightless Volumizing Mousse, I have a huge Conair round brush that I use when drying. Then I use either Aussie Aussome Volume hairspray and Matrix FreezeTrix Hairspray. Both I usually flip my head over and put the bottle away from head so I don’t get the heavy crunchy hair.

    I got a CHI PRO Hair Dryer that has Low EMF (suppose to give you shinning hair) and is an Ionic Hairdryer. It was a Christmas present but I have noticed a different when I switch back to my cheaper hair dryer.

  19. http://heather says

    I love using Bumble & Bumble products. and their hairspray is more of a shaper. it holds the style without all the sticky mess.
    I've never tried oil of olay regenerist … too skeptical, probably a waste of money – i am an avid user of their moisturizer with spf though, been using it for years. SPF is the best (preventative) defense against wrinkles…haven't started using anything to fill in the wrinkles yet.
    As far as blow dryers go, I got mine at Target. I did not want to spend a lot of money on one. It was only $25 and I love it. I look for a decent barrel length on blow dryers, if the barrels are too short your hair ends up being too close to the heat and will dry out your hair.
    anyway… that is my two cents! :)

  20. http://Valarie says

    Hmmmm.. ok here we go

    Hairspray – I use the Purple Aussie stuff called Sydney Smooth. It gives me hold, but not so that I feel like it all moves together. :)

    Oil of Olay – I have used it , but I really don’t have an opinion on it. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I change that kind of stuff so often, that I really don’t remember how good or not so good it ws.

    Hair Dryer – Don’t go cheap, don’t go outrageous. I use a middle of the rode one with the ionic thing on it and a flat paddle brush to dry my hair. I have thick long hair and have to use that brush over a round brush. The round get stuck in my hair. The ionic in the hair dryer dries my hair faster.

    Ok I will stop now. :)

  21. http://Suzanne says

    Best Hairspray HANDS DOWN is Sebastian Shaper Plus. I don’t care how much it costs (it’s about $12 a can), I will use it until the day I die – there is nothing better. Period!

  22. http://Melanie%20@%20This%20Ain't%20New%20York says

    I’ve been using Dove Extra Hold, unscented spray. It gives a good hold without being too stiff. My hair has layers, so I guess the spray depends on how much movement you want and if you want shine. This Dove spray doesn’t dull like others do. I really like it.

    I don’t think a pro dryer is worth it.

  23. http://Guinevere%20Meadow says

    I don’t think I could give you a good opinion on any of those things. I am VERY low maintenance with my hair. Most days I don’t even bother with a hair dryer.

    I do absolutely NOTHING with my hair, but I always get compliments on it! I feel a little smug about that. :)

  24. http://TX%20Poppet says

    Daily regenerating serum = liquid gold. Run do not walk to buy this stuff. I swear by it.

  25. http://Heather%20@%20Not%20a%20DIY%20Life says

    I use an Herbal Essences hairspray and love it. It gives enough hold but no stiffness. It helps with volume if I spray my hair upside down. HTH!

  26. http://~%20Straight%20Shooter%20~ says

    Each time I start to type a comment I read your little tag above the box.
    I just want you to know…we love you, we love you, we LOVE you!

  27. http://Anonymous says

    Best most amazing hairspray that holds, gives volume, but YOU CAN BRUSH IT, and it doesn’t even feel like hairspray on your hair is Aveda’s Witch Hazel Spray. Amazing stuff.

  28. http://Rita says

    I love your blog and because of this blog I have started my own. Thank you so much. I have added this blog to my favorites and will visit as often as I can. I have a lot of work to do on my blog but it has been started. Thank you again – you are an inspiration!


  29. http://Anonymous says

    The absolute best moisturizer is Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturinzing Lotion. I swear by it.

  30. http://Jen%20-%20Balancing%20beauty%20and%20bedlam says

    You’re too funny. Best hairspray? It’s called a pony tail…love it.:) (but some would say that doesn’t fight the frump…I beg to differ). No other opinions, but know you love the comments…so do I!!:)

  31. http://Bonnie says

    Karla, I really like Sebastian hairspray. They have at least 2 different holds. I like the “shaper” version because if applied lightly it hold your hair but not too firmly. It is a little pricey but I find it worth the extra $.

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