I better keep the barf bag from the airplane, just in case

As you read this, I am probably up in the sky in a plane (didn’t you know I sprouted wings?) headed to North Carolina for SheSpeaks. I am flying out a day early and will be staying with The Nester (if you didn’t hate me when reading my post yesterday, go ahead and hate me now.)

I am so excited and thrilled and nervous and excited and nervous and happy to be going. (Only one out of every 100 thoughts are me worrying that someone will realize they made a mistake giving me the scholarship. Before, it was one out of every 6 or 8… so I am getting somewhere)

If you think of it, would you mind saying a prayer for me throughout the weekend? I am totally stepping into a new realm and it is only through my faith in the Lord that I can even think about it without also wanting to throw up.

I’m taking my camera and I’ll have my laptop, so feel free to leave me any words of encouragement in comments to help me.

I love you all, my sweet internets!

Please pray

 I can.not.fathom.this. cannot. Please pray for this family, as they have their own, still healing, wounds to deal with.

Praying for your Children

Several years ago I started praying for my children like never before. But I knew there were specific areas that I was forgetting to cover them in. It is such an honor and privilege to parent my children. I want to glorify the Lord in this role He has placed me in.

I had been reading Becky Tirabassi’s book Let Prayer Change Your Life and had done an intensive study on prayer, using the book to go along with it. Her book totally transformed my prayer life. I began journaling my prayers and my prayers became 1-2 hours long as I prayed over so many people and places and situations the Lord brought to my mind.

At that time, I looked online for resources for praying for specific areas of my children’s lives. I printed these out and placed them in a page protector and placed them in the front of my prayer journal (which is just a 3-ring binder filled with notebook paper). This way, each time I start my prayer time I look at my prayer list and pray for that specific area for each child, that day (along with all of the other things I pray for each of them.)

Below are links to the resources I printed out so that you can use them in your prayer time.

40 Ways to Pray for your children.
Praying For Keeps
A Parent’s Prayer Calendar
The Parent’s Prayer
Power-Packed Prayers

I would love to hear your ideas for praying for your children.

(this idea was originally published on my blog on Sept. 26, 2007)


I haven’t mentioned it here on my blog, but the tornadoes that caused so much devastation in the south struck awfully close to home.

Please continue to pray for the families affected by the storms.

If you’d like to help or know someone who needs help, please visit this link for contacts.

Prayers, please

Just popping on quickly to ask for prayers for my Uncle Tom, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. He is in the hospital and is not feeling well at all and has a hard time speaking. Additionally, they found a spot on his spine.

Pray, also for his wife and their children and grandchildren.

Thank you.