David Crowder Band ~ “O Praise Him”

The end of an era

Today is Abigael’s last day of kindergarten…

I’ve been dreading this day for the past week, and as she’s brought items home each afternoon – backpack stuffed with notebooks full of drawings, her nap mat, her photo taken the first day to hang on the wall for the year – I have felt this strong strong ache…

My girl is growing up.

This feels as hard as her first birthday and her first day of kindergarten. It’s a strong heavy reminder that time doesn’t stop. It marches on and on and on. And each moment that passes is gone.

My girl is growing up.

I brought her into my arms yesterday, after school, and told her I just couldn’t believe the year was over. It started out a bit rough for her. She had never been away from me daily. She was faced with mean kids and routines. She had several mornings where she cried because she didn’t want to go to school.

But she persevered. Held her head high and made friends and stayed true to herself and her heart.

My girl is growing up.

She has gotten through her year and won hearts along the way. She has been honored, but I think the real honor is mine – this gift the Lord gave me – I have the honor of watching her grow into a lovely young lady.

My girl is growing up.

And I am so very proud of her.

(If you get a moment, please read the posts that are linked here. I love reading about her growth through the past 9 months and I’d love to share these tidbits with you)


In ALL things, give thanks

My mind was wandering (a meandering wandering path, to be sure), as it tends to do, when I got to a point in my train of thought that made me stop.

I imagine, it was God speaking to me, in His quiet way.

Over the past several months, I have noticed God working in some cool ways in people’s lives. These are things that are obvious because they are things that make us happy:
financial needs met
health/physical ailments healed
new homes provided
career problems solved

We are so quick, in those instances to praise God and say “It was such a God thing”, “It was totally like God to answer my prayer in that way”, “Our God is an AWESOME God”…

However, “God things” aren’t always pleasant for us and aren’t always answered in such warm-fuzzy ways.

Sometimes, we still have to juggle our bills, our body isn’t healed, our house doesn’t sell and we seemed stuck in the same ‘ole boring job, while others seem to have all the good stuff thrown at them, even without asking…

But we are to praise the Lord with a grateful heart, no matter what. We should be willing to say “It was such a God thing” and “It was totally like God to answer my prayer in that way” even when things don’t go our way.

Our joy and recognition of God at work in our lives should not be dependent on the circumstances of our life. They should flow from us even if we don’t get what we want. The salvation provided to us, through Christ, should be sufficient cause for a joyful heart.

Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in his salvation. Psalm 35:9


PS – a big thank you to everyone who gave me nuggets of comfort and advice, following my previous post. I was warmed by your responses and am so grateful! THANK YOU!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

This year I’ve learned that no matter how dire the circumstances appear, the Lord can always pull you up.
My family has so much to be thankful for this year. I believe that this will be the first Thanksgiving in a long time where I experience the day for what it truly means:

not turkey
not green bean casserole
not football games
not the hussle and bussle of the day

But blessings. Big and small.

My family
Our health
A roof over our head
Food in the fridge
Clean clothes to put on daily.
The freedom to worship my Lord, who has blessed us beyond measure.

I am thankful!


I wonder if He likes the service?

This past year (2005-very early 2006) was C.R.A.Z.Y. for our little family… financially, we were turned upside down on our heads (and thrown down a couple of flights of stairs, onto a concrete floor, for good measure.)

This has been hard to admit to people, except that so much came out of it that can’t be shared without giving the backstory. I have been so completely, and utterly amazed at how the Lord works through everything. And this year we were reminded that He is with us even through the storms.

This part-time job has continued to reveal the Lord’s graciousness and goodness. The interesting thing about waiting tables is that you can have a busy night and low tippers, Or you can have a slow night with high tippers. Or somewhere in between.

When I waited tables in college I fer-sure needed high tips, cause, like, I totally had to go out to maintain my social life, ya know, and like, if I didn’t get those high tips, I was like, TOTALLY bummed out, cha know? I felt insulted and angered when customers left tips that didn’t add up to the quality of service they received.

Now, I am (a lot) older, and (I hope) more wise and I know that what I make in tips helps our family out.

Therefore, each time I head into my work for my shift, I hand my work over to the Lord.

See, with tips, I have no control over how much I make. It could equal out to $15.00/hour or $6.00/hour… In other words – it is so “random” I can’t do anything more than rely on the Lord — or “wait” on Him. So, I always pray that the Lord will see to it that I get the tips I need. It’s like manna from Heaven. I know that I am receiving the amount the Lord ordains. No less, no more.

When I have a busy, hectic night with (crummy) low tips, like last saturday, I am able to let it go. I don’t grumble (much).

And then I have nights, like tonight, where the night is sooooo s.l.o.w. and yet customer after customer gives these crazy (good) tips.

We’ve gotten so used to living hand-to-mouth this year, that when something like a “good-tip-night” happens, I am reminded that the Lord loves to surprise us with things we aren’t expecting. I know He enjoyed watching me count my tips at the end of the night and giggle to myself that He is so awesome.

Remember to look for the Lord in even the most common, everyday thing!

On a totally different note, the kids had a blast trick-or-treating. Sean said that they were worn out and actually asked to come home. Sean said he would say something like “there’s another house with the light on” and they’d just groan and say “we’ve got enough candy already.” (yes, you read that correctly — in other words, my children, my flesh and blood were saying, essentially, “Please dad, please, no more candy!” — they must get that from their dad’s side of the family ;-)

Quinn has LIVED in that costume since sunday afternoon. He takes it off for bed and as soon as he is up, it’s back on again.

And dear heavens, I wish you could get a good look at the pirate in front, complete with ruffled shirt and bandana. He doesn’t have his pirate booties on in this photo, but you can bet your bottom dollar he had ’em.

None of us could tell what Abbie’s costume was when she picked it out (a fairy costume with kitty ears?? And with cowboy boots, none-the-less!) but she looked beautiful in it. I cannot get over how she is growing.