I love to write. It’s therapy. It’s relaxing.

My problem with writing lately hasn’t been lack of ideas or topics. My problem is answering the question “where do I write this?”

I had my own personal blog for years. Then I started a new blog with Randy, with the purpose of sharing our story. But I still wanted a place to hang my own hat  – where I could easily reflect on whatever: a book, a recipe, a goofy story from my childhood.

The issue is that my life is all of those things: the kids, my story with Randy and all of the other silly/sad/mindless/philosophical things I like to write about.

I think of a great post about the kids, but it seems to fit better on Living The Life Fantastic. I write a post on Let the Internet Help make Your Thanksgiving Dinner and put it on Modern Media Mom. Oh, and let’s not forget the Archer Creative blog.

So what do I write here?

I know that it’s in my head. I have plenty of mindless things to write about.

So how do I combine this? Can I combine that? Should I?


  1. As you know I have like what 5 or 6 places I write or post photos…and what works for me is to have RULES. Give myself set guidlines. Like maybe you say -unless a story is about you AND Randy it doesn’t make it on the new blog about Randy.

    OR. Maybe it is time to stop the new blog about your relationship. Perhaps it is time to migrate those stories to your older blog…since now is literally one big happy family?

  2. oh you make such sense Marcy!

    The biggest issue I have about ending LTLF (shudder) is that it is truly more about us as a family, and where Randy can write (if he ever manages to!!). What we’d REALLY like to do over there, is have it more of a “he said/she said” – where the same story/event is shared from each of our perspectives. But that may happen NEVER!

    I guess I saw this space as more of where I could just freestyle – talk about religion/faith, hairstyles, temper tantrums (MINE!) and whatever else.

    My style of writing is such that tends to weave things all about, so it’s never *just* about what I’m writing about.


  3. Girl, I get it. You have lots of parts to who you are — mom, wife, family member, techy, writer, but all of those make up Karla.
    Where do you write? Wherever you feel it fits best. Should you consolidate? Maybe. I write in several places but it makes me crazy!

    I’m just a rule breaker at heart. I don’t like to fit into a mold or a box. Just be you and do your thing.


  1. […] I keep encountering in my personal blogging is knowing where to write certain things. I’ve mentioned this dilemma before, and it frustrates me to admit that I am not one step closer to sorting it out than I was 5 […]

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