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yee doggy! My wrist is sore from clicking on over 300 (!!!) giveaways!!

I’ve had so many plans for blog posts – all weekend I had several ideas. And now, well, I’ve forgotten them all as I’ve gotten caught up in visions of free goodies!

Instead, I’ll go ahead and posts some links to some interesting things I’ve come across recently. Any of these topics could be a post on their own, but I wouldn’t do them justice… I know, it’s a cop-out, but they are some good ones. And you’d thank me if you knew the nonsense waiting to spew forth from my keyboard otherwise…

I’m not trying to be inflammatory with the links that follow. Just call me informative. (But feel free to let me know your thoughts on any of them)

~Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a movie by Ben Stein; due out in February 2008.
A quote from the site explaining the premise of the movie:

In a scientific world gone mad, EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is the controversial documentary that will chronicle Ben Stein’s confrontation with the Neo-Darwinian machine, exposing widespread suppression and entrenched discrimination in his heroic quest to bring back freedom in our institutions, laboratories and most importantly, in our classrooms, with the help of the world’s top scientists, educators and thinkers.

Coming to theaters in early 2008, EXPELLED promises to be the most controversial film of the year (think Fahrenheit 9/11 and An Inconvenient Truth).

~I don’t usually catch 20/20, but last week I did and caught this interesting nugget of information from John Stossel in his “Give Me a Break Segment”. It’s a bit on Global Warming. It is subtitled “Challenging Conventional Views on Global Warming.” Read the transcript here and view the video at youtube here*.

UPDATED to add this link to Angela Hunt’s blog. She wrote a brief post on the global warming issue and posted part of a transcript from a CNN interview with one of the co-Nobel Peace Prize winners this year (you know, the one that Al Gore also managed to be awarded…)

~I love this reminder of how quickly our children grow up, written by the children’s minister at my church. Steve does an awesome job with the kids at our church and reaching out to the kids in the community.

Feel free to discuss. But keep it civil and clean!

~(Additionally – I am so late to the party over at The Domestic Diva’s* blog, but she is giving away a Pink Dyson. The contest ends tomorrow! So hurry and enter. And when you win, plug your ears so you won’t hear me crying… I mean, jumping up and down in total excitement and joy for you! okay… crying…)

*Updated: Link no longer active/available


  1. that movie is REALLY interesting… When I was still living in Detroit we did a press event on it. Very fascinating… I really hope it’s hyped hugely and does well in the box office!

  2. That is a LOT of giveaways, Karla!

  3. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning says

    Isn’t it weird what happens out here in B’ville when a giveaway carnival like this one is happening?

    I entered quite a few during the first carnival but no so much this time. It’s so unbelievably time consuming that I’ve only entered a few.

    Angela Hunt’s blog is always interesting.

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