Perseverance lessons learned from the Green Beast – Part 1

We’ve had to have several talks with Sweetums over the course of the past five months about perseverance.

She has been blessed in this life, in that she hasn’t had to work hard for much that she succeeds at. She taught herself to read; she’s been drawing like no one’s business since she was not even two. She’s been given gifts in many areas.

Keeping focused on things outside of “her realm” is not one of those gifts.

When she was barely three I signed her up for a toddler’s dance class. It was new to the area and I wasn’t familiar with the teacher. The teacher was a stickler for order. Not a good expectation to have with 2 and 3 year olds

It was apparent after one class that it wasn’t going to work out. If I wanted my child to have even a smidgen of love for dance, I was going to have to pull her out before the teacher tore her down.

Sweetums wanted to do her thing. By golly, she wanted to dance. But she wanted to dance her way – not follow some teacher around. She wanted to move like a butterfly, but her butterfly was more spontaneous and swirly and twirly than the rest of the class.

Mind you, she is a good girl. But as her kindergarten teacher has pointed out several times: she is a bit absent-minded. What you might consider a dreamer.

This past year, I decided to start her back in dance. With her starting school, I thought it would be an appropriate time to have her involved in something that required “follow-through.” Something she had to finish whether it because tiresome, boring, too hard… whatever the case may be.

She loved dance class. And still does. But there are songs in ballet that make her miss her mama and daddy. (she has a heart like her mama’s – music can make my mood change in an instant). She doesn’t like to miss her mama and daddy, so knowing what lies ahead, she dreads going to dance class.

Oh! The excuses and the sudden tummy aches and exhaustion…

So we’ve had to discuss follow through. And commitment.

One way I’ve taught her is telling her about her daddy and his woodworking.

It’s a good one. One I asked if he was okay with having me post online. He agreed.

Part 2 is tomorrow.


  1. ahhhh yes! i wish i had learnt this lessen when i was growing up. i took all the “lessons” (guitar, figure skating, piano..) but never really applied myself to any of them…..

    shalom karla! sweetums sounds so precious. xo

  2. Michelle-ozark crafter says:

    Sweetums sounds like such a dollbaby!

  3. Just read about Moose falling out of the crib. My 2 yr old, Maddie, climbed out (ok.. fell out) yesterday! Are you going to keep him in the crib for a little longer or go on to a big bed?

  4. Jessica —

    I think (okay, hope) he learned his lesson. He hasn’t tried it again. But we do want to get him into a bigger bed soon!

    I hope Maddie is alright!!

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