From the Mouths of Babes

7yo: “You have spider web hair”

5yo: “No she doesn’t!! She has nice old woman hair.”

Me: hobbles off to retirement home…

Boxes and Boys

We just purchased a new kitchen table. There are two boys in that box who are THRILLED!!


Angel Boy

This is, hands-down, the cutest, funniest, weirdest ornament ever…


Simple Pleasures: punch balls

It begins with a twinkling of the eyes.

Building into grins.


Bursts of laughter.


I love watching how the simple things can bring them so much joy.

New on LTLF


Today we celebrated our first year of being a family. (If you are new here, I know that sounds weird, but just trust me…)

You can read more about it over on Living The Life Fantastic.