He knows what’s good

Yesterday, Quinn and I were playing Hunting Camp.

He’d been hunting deer throughout the house – even brought his bike, I mean, ATV inside to ride into the backwoods.

After gettin’ his deer and bringing it into hunting camp, he opened his restaurant for service. He had the plates out, the eating utensils, the cookware. And he got to work.

He made me deer steaks.
He made me coffee.
He made me green beans and baked potatoes.
I asked him what he had for dessert. The conversation went like this:

Me: “What do you have for dessert?”
Quinn: cake.””
Me: “What kind of cake?”
Quinn: “chocolate.”
Me: “What else? Do you have any ice cream?”
Quinn: “Yup.”
Me: “What kind?”
Quinn: “Chocolate.”
Me: “Pie?”
Quinn: “yup.”
Me: “What kind?”
Quinn: “chocolate.”
Me: “pudding?”
Quinn: “yup.”
Me: “what kind?”
::::WAIT, you’ll N.E.V.E.R. guess::::
Quinn: “chocolate.”

He’s definitely his mother’s child.

Good times.

Blessings, K

the post in which I ramble about anything and everything (with a few photos thrown in for good measure)

… well, not quite anything and everything… but the rambling part is correct… and the photos…

We started 2007 just like we spent most of 2006 – with colds and coughs and snot. (but really, that’s nothing compared to how she started 2007)

Our plumbing issues (which I still have to write about) are still going on, though not to the extent to which they were – no overflowing… everythings. So the plumber is (F.I.N.A.L.L.Y) going to send a camera through the pipes later today to see what is causing it.

Along those lines, we are looking for a house to rent. Pray for that search… we have our maximum we want to pay for rent, and there are plenty in that range that are comfortable. But getting around and checking out every single one seems so daunting… Also, we don’t want Sean to have a crazy commute to work.

And just to prove to everyone that I am nothing, if not a procrastinator, may I present to you photos from Abbie’s Thanksgiving program (yes, I said Thanksgiving), Christmas decorating etc.

She sort of reminds me of Sally Field’s Flying Nun in this get-up.

That pose? Made it up herself.

Oh yes she did!


The girl is all about poses, as you can see…

and “Batman” had to get in on the fun too.
Really, that’s not Batman. It’s Quinn. Thought I’d better fill you in on that. Just in case… you know…

We also had a visit from Spiderman, to help decorate Christmas cookies.

Making our own decorations:

My snowmen cupcakes (those mouths about drove me to a padded room!)

Our Yule Log (again… not real…)

Trying to capture her profile and taking in how much she’s grown:

Finally getting to this:

They grow so fast…

Oh, how I adore my children…

Is Christmas Break over yet?

Abbie’s Christmas Break started yesterday and of course today is rainy… so she and Quinn are stuck inside.

Yes, I have Christmas crafts to do with them.

Yes, I am pleased as punch to have her with me all day, every day for the next two weeks (oh, how I have missed her!)

But she and Quinn are filled up to HERE with sugar and excitement and the Christmas Spirit…

So, this morning they spent some time in their rooms. Twice.

Hopefully, we’ll all survive our time together ;)



PS – to the person who got to my site searching for “Things To Do for your man on Christmas” — sorry I didn’t have any good ideas prepared!

A Belated Thank You and a Quick Meme

First off, let me just say that I did not properly thank all of you who left comments on my post about Quinn the other day.
One of the amazing things about blogs is the amount of community that you can feel, even with people that you may never meet in real life.
I LOVE that!!
So, let me say Thank you. Thank you for the suggestions, the prayers, the kindness.
I appreciate it and will update as I see prayers for him answered.

Beck, a daily read of mine (and a crafting-diva!), tagged me for this little meme. I would have gotten on it sooner, but wasn’t sure if both parts were actually part of the meme (and heaven forbid I unnecessarily share mystery things about myself!)
So, here, in all of it’s glory, I present:

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me:

  1. I am left-handed. V.E.R.Y. — put something in my right hand and you’d think I was paralyzed on that side of my body. (Although, because that is the arm I carry my babies with, it is very strong (though uncoordinated)
  2. I love a clean house, but I am not very good at cleaning. However, I can make some mean piles! I just tend to move those piles around the house… My husband — now (when he actually decides to do it) he can clean! I like tidy, which he doesn’t understand. But when he cleans… the man can clean. I think he’s up there with Barb in his thoroughness.
  3. I love love love the sound the pages of my bible make when I turn them… especially if I have written notes on that page — then it is particulary enjoyable. My husband loves this too, and sometimes, when we are reading our bibles, we will have to stop the other and say “hey, listen to this…” and turn the page repeatedly. I know… we are a match made in Heaven. (we also both love black rasberry ice cream, the sound “clapping” shoes make in hallways and in movies/tv shows and the sound certain car blinkers make. I could go on about our freaky cute little quirks, but hey, I have to leave some sort of mystery to me…
  4. I read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in 1.5 months. I devoured it. That was when I had one child, who still took nice long naps. Now, in order to read it in that amount of time, I’d have to be reading the Cliff notes. Oh who am I kidding – give me the audio.
  5. I was the stage manager for every play and musical at my high school from 9th grade – 12th. I loved it, and, if I had thought it through better, I wouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the idea of a career in it.

Five Mysterious Things About Quinn (my middle son):

  1. He has very light brown (almost blonde) hair. Sean and I are very dark-haired.
  2. He sucks on the crooked knuckle of his pointer finger on his right hand. Exhibit 1
  3. He wants to be a cowboy when he grows up
  4. He used to say “Dat Dee-ckles” when he was tickled. It didn’t help his cause any, because hearing him say it was so darn cute that you’d keep tickling him just to hear him say it (poor tortured child…)
  5. He loves broccoli (“trees”), buttered mushrooms, sauteed green beans and several other veggies that typically strike fear in those who lay eyes on them.

So… there you have it. Unfortunately, it was too easy for me to find odd things to write about us…

I can’t decide who to tag, because it seems like there are several going around now… SO, if you haven’t done this one and you want to do it, I tag you! Just let me know in comments that you did it so that I can read tidbits that I can use against you to get to know you more.


I need some help (seriously!)

We all know that all kids are different… even if you don’t have kids, you were one and know — you weren’t the same as all of the other kids. Some are loud, some are artistic, some are klutzy… etc.

My kids, like everyone else’s, exemplify this.

And I am now struggling because of it…

Abigael, my firstborn, just turned 6. She is smart as a whip and very artistic. She “gets” things. She started kindergarten and tested at almost 2nd grade level. She taught herself how to read (and loves to read). She never drew “spider” looking people (you know, the people every kid draws that are a circle with squiggly legs coming out all around). When she was 25 months old she was drawing people with detail… fancy hair, clothes, hands, shoes. And they looked like them! The things she grasps never ceases to amaze me. She has also always been content. Laid back, and even a little absent-minded. She wants to be an artist-ballerina-baker when she grows up.

Quinn, my firstborn son and middle child, is 3 (4, the end of January). He has always been my sensitive child. The one who wants to snuggle. Who gets his feelings hurt easily. The one that wants to please. He was super laid-back until he turned 3. Since then though, *whew*…He is right on cue, large and small motor skills-wise. Loves to help me. Adores his daddy. Wants to be a cowboy when he grows up.

Seamus, my baby, just turned 1. He is into everything, already trying to climb up on stuff, loves throwing his food on the floor (neither of my other two did any of those things). He’s my handful. Happy as can be. But when he is mad (which is very rare), watch out — temper.


Are you wondering what my point is yet?

I’m really struggling with my middle child… My husband and I sat up late last night talking about him and what to do… (we ended up bringing him into our bed, just so we could snuggle him, after a rough day of it…)

And we are at a loss.

It feels like we ride him all…of…the…time!

It seems like I have to repeat EVERYTHING 500 and 50 million times.

It’s like we are first time parents again. Abigael was a breeze… Bug is not. My concern is that he will get lost between the other two, and that his spirit will suffer.

We need to some help!

So, I am asking you, my sweet blogging friends, for any advice, or resources that have worked for you. It’s hard to be specific, because frankly, my brain is fried. (If you need more info in order to answer, please ask in comments and I will comment on it or update this post.)

I have read: Bringing Up Boys (Dobson) and Grace-Based Parenting (Kimmel), Creative Correction (Lisa Welchel — though my copy is in Pennsylvania, so I can’t refer to it…)

Seriously, EVERYONE who reads this, come out of hiding and give me your best nuggets of parental wisdom!

Thank you, in advance. (cause at the rate I’m going now, I may not make it another day!!! ;-)