Still weathering the storm

As those of you who regularly read my blog know, we have been sick sick sick for the past 14 months. (and you are probably super-tired of hearing about it too!)

This month has already been a doozy and it is only the 11th…

As you may know, it started last Wednesday night around 9:00 pm. Both Abbie and Quinn ended up vomiting. When I blogged about it, it was only 1:30 in the morning.

Turns out, it continued until 4:30 am, with poor Abbie being the last to stop.

Thursday, I thought I was in the clear.

Once again, I was wrong.

5:00 Friday morning I awoke knowing it wouldn’t be long before I was running for the pan. Sean was feeling the same way. The kids were wonderful, thank the Lord, so we were able to rest without having to be after them too. All it took was for them to see the pot by my bed for them to know what was going on. Having just experienced it themselves, I think they were more sympathetic…

They immediately got to work on some get well cards.

This was Abbie’s card to me: (with her spellings)

Dear Mom,
I hope you feel better.
I sind this note to you becus I love you.
So much & you are buthefull.
I love you more thin anayone.
Your just like a shoowting star.
Your a daisy. A sweet one to.
Your a butterfly that’s looking at a flower.
Your a dog (*my note: this may not sound so good, but coming from Abbie, who LOVES and ADORES animals, I take it as a huge compliment.)
A swam.
A butufull bird.
Someone who is sweet.
Your a toolip.
A dafadill.
A rose.
A hissing cat. (*my note: not sure I understand this one, though I certainly come across as one at times!!)
A butfull marmade.
A raindeer.
A dog ear (*my note: ????)
And a sweet sonding birdsong.

Oh, how I love cards from the heart!

But wait! The story doesn’t end there!

Easter sunday I had to stay home with Seamus, who had not thrown up, but from his diaper changes it is OBVIOUS that something is not right inside of him…

Then Sunday night, around 9:00 again, Abbie threw up again.

(I was supposed to have my doctor’s appt. and ultrasound Monday, but had to reschedule for next monday… didn’t think it would be wise to take a child with a stomach virus to an office of pregnant women…)

Still more!

Today, Quinn was not himself – not hungry, laying around… A couple of times he said he wasn’t feeling quite right, but then later would say he was fine.

I got home from work tonight to find a pot in the kid’s bathroom. Sean told me Quinn had finally “blown” around 9:00 (What is with that time!!??)

Once again, I am sitting up, listening to every moan and noise that comes from their rooms, ready to run straight in there to help wipe foreheads and mouths.

I have been drinking DanActive (an immunity strenghtening drink from Dannon), since Sunday. I am praying that it had gone into effect. I also saw that Purity Dairies has Sweet Acidophilus Milk, (acidophilus cultures are an immune strenghtening culture). I plan on picking that up too. TODAY!

I have to say that one of the amazing “side effects” to all of this, is that it seems as if the Lord may be using all of this vomit to get me through some of my anxiety (panic attacks) about throwing up. Sort of like taking a person who is afraid of heights to the top of the highest building… I am surrounded by people throwing up. I, myself, have been in the midst of it. I feel twinges of anxiety about it all, but I haven’t gone into a full-blown attack. Praise the Lord for that!

Please continue to pray for our family’s health.

Hopefully I won’t have too many more “vomit posts”…

Baby update

so… I FINALLY went to the OBs office yesterday. Between being so stinkin’ ill since, well, forever, and issues we had with changes in our health insurance, it took that long just to get there.

I was beginning to wonder if I wasn’t going to have to go find a rice paddy one day, 6 months from now. Fortunately, I won’t.

I will have an ultrasound on the 9th, so at least then I will have some sort of idea how far I actually am. I’m guessing 12 weeks now. All of my morning sickness is gone. With the others that disappeared right as the first trimester was ending.

I was able to find out what I can take now for all of this crud… I took some generic claritin this afternoon – and I felt the heavens open up and sing when I was actually able to breathe through my nose and not feel all drippy.

Headed to the Frist. And Avoiding Maternity Shops with Little Boys

Yesterday, Abbie came home with a note from school advising us that she has some art work that will be on display at the Frist Center in downtown Nashville. We are invited to an Opening Reception Thursday night.

This is such a sweet honor for my girl. She loves to draw – always has. It’s funny, she doesn’t understand the honor that it is. But she is only one of a small group from her school to be selected.

Finally, yesterday I was at the mall with Quinn and Seamus. I went into the maternity store (I am in some DIRE need of maternity clothes… *sigh* I don’t think there is any way I’ll be pregnant AND stylish though…) Quinn (my 4 yr old) was already irritated about being in “the girl store” – he didn’t like how his shoes sounded on the floor… he didn’t like how the ladies voices sounded coming from the dressing room… blah blah blah. We were headed out and he was dawdling behind when I heard a familiar voice loudly proclaiming “eewwwwww – I saw her BUTT! Her butt crack! I saw it!” I realized that, fortunately, he was only talking about a mannequin and not one of those ladies whose voice was annoying him earlier… so I kept on moving out of the store like I didn’t know whose crazy kid he was ;-)

PS – is anyone watching the Discovery Channel mini-series: Planet Earth? (it is also showing on the Science Channel) Man! Is God an AWESOME Creator or what??!!!?

Ad Nauseum

When I was pregnant with my second child I experienced AWFUL sickness. I usually get sinus congestion during the pregnancies, but this was just plain AWFUL. Nausea, headaches, exhaustion, NAUSEA… and there was no relief. It went on ALL.OF.THE.TIME for the first 3 months.

While I was experiencing the “joys” of early pregnancy, I was visiting family for a vacation. Just me and Sweetums back east for some “fun and relaxation”.


My vacation that year consisted of me begging my daughter off onto my brothers, sisters-in-law, my mom, my dad, the people next door…anyone – just so that I could lay on the bed and moan for the day.

While on this trip, I had visited Ollie’s, a CHEAP and WONDERFUL place that I can spend $30.00 and leave with a shelf-load of new books (which, I had done…)

Also, on this trip, I was finishing a quilt for Sean’s cousin who was getting married. I had optimistically thought I could finish it while “on vacation” before heading up to the wedding. Obviously I hadn’t factored in the need for laying on a bed moaning for the day.

So, the two big things I did (when I wasn’t laying on the bed moaning) were: read my books from Ollie’s and quilted.

The two things I could NOT DO for A LOOOOOOOONG time after that vacation were: read my books from Ollie’s and quilting.

WHY? Well, Ollie’s uses fluorescent orange stickers for their price stickers. IF I wanted to read one of those books over the next year, EVERY piece of that sticker (gummy residue included) had to be GONE from that book. Otherwise, I got nauseous.

If I even LOOKED at my quilting bin over the next year, I got nauseous.

My brain, in it’s sick and twisted way, had chosen to associate those two things with being nauseous. In my brain’s mind (;-), since I had done those while sick it equalled nausea.

Books from Ollie’s and quilting = sick to my stomach.

Fortunately, that passed. But all of those stickers had long been pulled off those books before it did.

This time around my brain is associating the computer with being nauseous. One day, right after I found out I was expecting again, I spent most of the day reworking my website. I was on the computer for most of the day. I was also nauseous all day.

So again, in my brain’s sick twisted mind: computer = nausea.

So please bear with me as I get back in the swing of visiting and posting. I really don’t want to have to get a laptop to keep in the bathroom or by the bed as I lay around moaning all day.


An Observation

Yesterday was a day spent relaxing and snuggling with my three year old. It was too cold to do anything outside, and the house seemed to have a chill that we couldn’t shake, so we snuggled.

Feeling reconnected with my little guy, after months of head butting, I felt warmed in my heart.

Later, in the afternoon, he can up to me and proceeded to tell me that my eyes are cracked…

I was pretty sure I knew what he meant, but wanted to make sure.

“Where?” I asked.

“Right there — by your eyes.”

I guess that means I laugh a lot… which I certainly did after that conversation…

Blessings, ~K

ps — A BIG “thank you” to Design Mom!
I am the winner of her Random Giveaway for the week. $150.00 in gift cards for Sears/Kmart!
I NEVER win anything. Seriously. So I’m still giddy from the “Special-ness” of it all!