12 Years Ago, Tonight


12 yrs ago tonight, I was waiting for her arrival.

I slept on the floor, by an open window (in Wisconsin!!), I was so hot and nervous.

I adore her more every day. ❤

(other posts about her arrival: The Day I Became a Mother and  A Birth and Rebirth)


When I was pregnant with Abbie, my firstborn, I didn’t have much morning sickness or any odd cravings. I did, however, go through a period where I only wanted M&M McFlurries. Frankly, I consider it a miracle that I didn’t birth an M&M rather than a human baby.

So when I discovered I was pregnant with my second child, I anticipated the same sort of pregnancy.

But I was wrong. My second pregnancy started out status quo, but by the end of the first month, I was so sick and tired, and tired and sick, and sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Sadly, an extended family vacation took place during this time, and I spent most of it laying down begging people to watch after my daughter so that I could continue my routine of feeling miserable.

In addition to the family vacation, there was a wedding that I had to attend and my gift was a quilt, that I had planned on finishing up on the trip. But I was so sick, that I struggled to finish it in time, and I just barely managed to.

Also, during this period of my pregnancy, no food appealed to me. I couldn’t fathom eating anything. And it was a constant feeling. Nothing made it subside. Until one day, when out of the blue, I began craving sour candy. From that moment, all I wanted was sour candy. sourcandysourcandysourcandy. Sour gummi worms, sourheads, sour blow pops, sourpatch kids. If it was sour and rolled in sugar, I wanted it.

So I spent that miserable time quilting, reading some new books I had purchased, and stuffing my face with sour candy. And so it continued.

One day, a month or so later, the nausea finally stopped.

::cue the angel music::

And so did my craving for sour candy. And the desire to quilt. And those new books? I couldn’t look at them.

I associated all of those things with my nausea. Sour candy? barf. Even the thought of quilting? barf. Those books? As long as I peeled off the bright orange price sticker, I was fine with them, so I spent an hour scraping off those things, trying not to… barf. Even a little spot of the sticker adhesive, if left behind on the book, could start the nausea.

It took me 3 years until I could even consider eating something sour or quilting again.

THREE years.

The mind is a crazy weird thing.

What odd things repelled you and/or did you crave during your pregnancies??

I don’t think it’s possible to top my binder idea… But the photos below will make up for it

I didn’t think that I would do another Works for me Wednesday… I didn’t think I had any good ideas for it. But over the past week I’ve run down my mental list of ideas and things that have worked for me and my family over the years.

This is another simple one (I guess they all are, really… isn’t that the point):

When my daughter started school, she wanted a locket necklace for keeping a photo in. This could be a WFMW in itself, because it was a great idea for helping her feel secure during those first day of school jitters.The problem was, where do you get a photo that small? I could have spent hours trying to resize a photo to print out and fit properly in the locket. But I happened across the index sheet that came with some photos I had printed a few years ago. (the printer I have now also allows me to print out this same type of sheet)

These photos were the perfect size for putting into the locket.

I suppose I could just use my software and resize them to this tiny size, but it’s a guessing game to do it that way.

And you know what? My brain just can’t handle that type of pressure these days. Seriously? I worry that my brain would just completely shut down from the overload.


I wanted to post some photos that I have been meaning to get up…

This photo is of me with the kids at the hospital. How I hate that it came out so blurry… At least it took. The new batteries Sean ran to purchase once I was settled in at the hospital, never worked. So the photo of the doctor holding Declan? Yeah… that didn’t take…

My sweet girl holding our newest sweet babe:

One day I will have a photo of Quinn without bruises and scabs and such… maybe…

I love this blanket Declan is in. I want one for myself.

Can you say “FLIRT”? How about “sweetness”?

A welcome surprise!

We are home and we are all doing well.
THANK YOU all for all of your prayers and well wishes!
The kids ADORE their new brother, especially Seamus… so many cute stories about his interaction with his new baby brother.

Some details:

(trust me – this will be the brief version — I will give the full story in a later post when I have more time)

~ His name is Declan Yeshua ___________ . Declan means “man of prayer” and Yeshua is the Hebrew form of Joshua/Jesus and means “the Lord saves”. The Lord has truly been with us and blessed us and carried us through the past couple of years (and, really, all of the years of our lives) that we thought it fitting for his name to signify that our children are really His.

~ The only reason I went to the hospital when I did was because I had some bloody show; I wasn’t having regular contractions (though they would appear regular a couple of times through the night). But it was good that I did because the contractions kicked in quickly and his heart rate kept dropping down to 60 BPM with every contraction; he was having some major “decels”. If I hadn’t already been at the hospital when that was happening it could have quickly become a dangerous situation. They gave me medicine to stop the contractions and the (AWESOME!) nurse worked to manually get rid of the little bit of my cervix that was left, got the doctor in the room, pushed once, he came out with the cord wrapped 2xs (!) around his neck. One more push and a vacuum suction and he was out. I still wasn’t completely dilated, but they had to get him out.

~ He weighs a tiny 5 lbs and 11 oz. And is 19″ long. By the time we left the hospital, he was 5 lbs and 5 oz. His diaper is the size of my palm. But his size is a blessing, because if he had been larger, the cord would have wrapped even more tightly around his neck.

Really, the Lord’s timing is so amazing. He was just under 3 weeks early, but I had prayed for a clear sign that it was time to go to the hospital. He gave that sign to me and my baby was safe from a potentially dangerous situation. Praise God!

(his one-eye-peek)

No point to this post… really…


Today, because of the heat, all schools in our county are only half-day. There were a couple of heat related emergencies at a few schools last week when some AC units stopped working properly. This heat has been so rough! It’s been relentless. And it’s so dry… all of the leaves are beginning to fall off of the trees. It’s going to be an odd, colorless Autumn.


One benefit of this heat, is that I know that I am not the only one suffering through the summer heat. Being pregnant during the summer isn’t very comfortable, but at least I can find comfort knowing that I am not alone in my discomfort! (Call me evil…)



I’ve been really working on my “Proverbs 31 womanhood” recently. Not that I will ever have her mastered… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t consider myself on top of the game when it comes to keeping my household organized. My laundry pile mocks me, piles of clutter trip me as move around my home…

It wasn’t always like that. But somewhere between child #2 and child #3, my neat-freak tendencies flew the coop. Suddenly, my husband wasn’t irritated with me because I was always on him about picking up, but because things weren’t getting done. At some point, I had thrown my hands up in the air in surrender.

But since I’ve stopped working out of the home, I’m feeling back in the game. I’m hoping it is not just me in nesting mode. I’ve been cleaning spots that have been screaming for attention and planning out my weekly menus, something I used to do for every shopping trip but somehow got away from. In doing so, I pulled out all of my copies of Food and Family. It is a free magazine from Kraft Foods, and not only is it full of easy recipes, the photos are lovely. It had been awhile since I had been to the website. The website has all of the recipes and then some. One of the things that I am loving about the site, is this handy menu planner. Answer a few questions about yourself, and it prepares a week’s menu for you and your family. It includes recipes AND a shopping list for all of the items needed for that week.


How handy is that! Even if I don’t use every menu, it still is a great starting point for my meal planning. Along those lines, I’ve also be saving all of my past meal plans and grocery lists, so that I can quickly recycle through them.


**updated to add that after I posted this, I came across these relevant posts at Raising Five: here and here)



I have really felt covered in all of your prayers, and I thank you so much for them. I have felt so peaceful this week. The Lord used my ankle to force me to stop and just listen and quiet my soul. Laying on the couch with very limited mobility gave me a lot of time to talk to Him and really pour my fears out to Him. And He has been faithful and has comforted me.


My mom arrives this Thursday, so I’m hoping on holding out until after that, but I am at peace with whenever this this baby makes his appearance.


We’ve decided that after the baby arrives we are going to have a celebration for Sean and me and the kids. Basically, it will be a celebration of our blessings and that our family is complete. I know that I could easily love many more children, but one thing this pregnancy has shown me, or more accurately, the Lord has shown more through this pregnancy, is that we are complete. I never felt it before, with any of the other pregnancies and deliveries… but this time, I’ve felt a strong impression of that. So we are listening to that. It will be a real celebration – cake, a small gift for each of the kids and just basking in our togetherness and completeness.