Joy to the world

He is my last born.

The one who made his arrival into my life unexpectedly.

Made his arrival into this world early.

He has brought me so much joy.

Merely by exuding joy himself.

Like when Ho Ho passed in front of our house for the Christmas parade.

And he waved at him.

I love how he expresses his joy without any consideration for appearance.

Or self-consciousness.

Just total in-the-moment-ness.

Joy to the world.

I don’t think it’s possible to top my binder idea… But the photos below will make up for it

I didn’t think that I would do another Works for me Wednesday… I didn’t think I had any good ideas for it. But over the past week I’ve run down my mental list of ideas and things that have worked for me and my family over the years.

This is another simple one (I guess they all are, really… isn’t that the point):

When my daughter started school, she wanted a locket necklace for keeping a photo in. This could be a WFMW in itself, because it was a great idea for helping her feel secure during those first day of school jitters.The problem was, where do you get a photo that small? I could have spent hours trying to resize a photo to print out and fit properly in the locket. But I happened across the index sheet that came with some photos I had printed a few years ago. (the printer I have now also allows me to print out this same type of sheet)

These photos were the perfect size for putting into the locket.

I suppose I could just use my software and resize them to this tiny size, but it’s a guessing game to do it that way.

And you know what? My brain just can’t handle that type of pressure these days. Seriously? I worry that my brain would just completely shut down from the overload.


I wanted to post some photos that I have been meaning to get up…

This photo is of me with the kids at the hospital. How I hate that it came out so blurry… At least it took. The new batteries Sean ran to purchase once I was settled in at the hospital, never worked. So the photo of the doctor holding Declan? Yeah… that didn’t take…

My sweet girl holding our newest sweet babe:

One day I will have a photo of Quinn without bruises and scabs and such… maybe…

I love this blanket Declan is in. I want one for myself.

Can you say “FLIRT”? How about “sweetness”?

Did I mention my mom was gone?

So it’s been one of those days, and I have to write about it so that I can get comments from everyone telling me that, no, no I’m not crazy…

(did I mention my mom was gone?… I’ve been on “my own” all week)

The day started fine. Kids up, dressed and Abigael off to school.

I started nursing Declan around 11:00 am and promptly fell asleep. Quinn came in looking for lunch and for some reason, this request startled me just as it would if some one told me the house was on fire.

I jumped up, and quickly went to the kitchen to MAKE LUNCH!

with! an! adrenaline! rush!

I went to grab something out and managed to spill an ENTIRE 4 qt pitcher of kool-aid on the floor…

While I was cleaning this mess up, I heard an “explosion” from Declan — you know the sounds babies make when they poop… I knew it wasn’t good, but it was gonna have to wait for a moment.

Enter Seamus, who wanted to observe me cleaning up the kool-aid. He had dressed himself in a shirt of Abbie’s and had a pair of her underpants up around his waist.

Finally got the kool-aid cleaned up, and went to go change Declan. His poop had seeped out of his diaper and clothes and had run onto the leather chair he was on and run down off of that onto the carpet…

Got that cleaned up too. And was able to make lunch.

Fast forward to 3:21 pm. I was sitting on the couch with Quinn, and nursing Declan. Didn’t fall asleep, but I did forget to go pick up my daughter from school at 3:00. Called the school, she was waiting patiently in the office for her absent-minded mom to pick her up.

Did I mention that my mom was gone?
Do you think breastfeeding causes your brain to shrink or dissolve?

Anyone want to nominate me for Mother of the Year?

Mixin’ it up

Lots and lots of pictures today.

First off is my idea for Works for Me Wednesday.

Now, I have never done a WFMW, and may never post another one… I’m just not very good at coming up with things that are ingenious and fresh. In fact, I didn’t come up with this one on my own. But a lady in my bible study class last year came in with her big Daniel bible study bound. It was wonderful! Amazing! Clever! So I went to Staples yesterday and had my new A Woman’s Heart (updated version!) study bound. It cost under $5.00 for it to be cut and bound, and only about 4 minutes to do.


Now I can fold my study back and it lays flat while I work on it.

THAT works for me!

I am embarrassed to be posting these next photos… They certainly DO NOT make me feel like mother of the year… My poor Quinn has been the victim of countless bites and stings (you may recall this from last year – *he looks so little!!)… And the weekend I came home from the hospital was no exception. He and Sean went out to the woods to hang Sean’s deer cam. Along the way, Quinn sat down on a rotting log. It was filled with chiggers…

Those are not chicken pox. They are hundreds and hundreds of chigger bites, literally, from the top of his head to his toes. He has taken oatmeal baths and been sprayed down. My poor guy…

Isn’t that JUST AWFUL!!?? Again, I say, Mother! Of! The! Year!

The following photos are just because they are so STINKIN’ cute!!

Seamus was playing with the walkie talkie on the way home from Alabama on Sunday. He kept talking into it and giggling. Suddenly, his eyes betrayed him. Even asleep he tried desperately to keep that “phone” up to his ear.




A rare glimpse of Declan’s eyes:

Holy Cow?


*any boys reading this? — run in the other direction from this post*

I keep forgetting to mention that I am working on Beth Moore’s “A Woman’s Heart” (God’s Dwelling Place) bible study. Wednesday was our first night of meeting together.

For those of you who have done this study before, Beth has updated it this year, even redoing the videos.

Anyway, there were several new faces, so our leader had us introduce ourselves and also tell what animal described us in the morning and at night. Most people mentioned a sloth; a few mentioned birds.

My initial thought for myself was a Tasmanian devil. I am not the most welcoming person in the A.M.

But as my turn drew closer and I looked down at my little guy sleeping in my arms I knew exactly what described me best.

So, I introduced myself and stated that the animal that best describes me is…

…a dairy cow.

Anyone relatin’?