A Night at the Frist


We spent last Thursday night at the Frist Art Center, in downtown Nashville, for a reception with the Mayor. It was a big deal for our family, especially Abbie, who was one of the students being honored for their art. Every school in the county selects 10 works of art to be displayed at the gallery. It was amazing to see the scope of work from every age.

When we arrived we were given special stickers to wear, which allowed us access to the entire gallery and museum. Abbie received a special sticker recognizing her as the artist. It might as well have said “Queen of the World”.

All of the children were invited on stage with the Mayor. Not surprisingly, my child found herself at the front of the stage. Here she is doing her pose. She’s been doing that since she was a pilgrim woman at Thanksgiving. (The other children do indeed have faces, but I blurred them intentionally.)

After the reception we were free to go look at the student’s art. Abbie’s art teacher was kind enough to take a photo of our family (including my mom, who was lucky enough to have found herself in the neighborhood that day.) Seriously, we were excited to be there. Even Quinn, who looks like he’d rather be licking the bottom of a shoe than stand there with us…

(click on this image to get a bigger view of Abbie’s drawing)

After that we went around the rest of the museum. They have an awesome children’s area where the children can paint, do print making, sculpture etc. My kids were all over that.

Imagine their excitement when it was time to leave that area and go look at paintings by dead men named Matisse, Degas, Picasso and Monet. Fortunately, they were able to entertain themselves by walking up to statues and looking around to the backsides and (loudly – oh! the echoes!!) giggling together about it’s butt-crack… yes, my children are cultured. I could all but feel the security guys whisper-screaming to each other as we left one area to head to the next… They appeared nice enough, but I have no doubt they would have drop-kicked my children had they gotten any closer to those butt-cracks. No doubt, at all.

It was a HUGE change from my snooty art class trips to the museum where we actually discussed the art in terms other than “neat”, “yuck” and “boring”. But it was fun none-the-less. I loved seeing my kids enjoy discovering new things and just being together.

They can’t wait to go back. Hopefully, they will let us back in.