And Then My Heart Exploded…

5yo: “I didn’t know how good this life would be when I was in your belly.”
Me: *cry*20130615 182844 And Then My Heart Exploded...

From the Mouths of Babes

7yo: “You have spider web hair”

5yo: “No she doesn’t!! She has nice old woman hair.”

Me: hobbles off to retirement home…

Just Like High School (almost)

I had bright purple streaks added to my hair today. Curious how long it will take the kids to notice (“Mom and her wild ideas…”) and then to ask for some of their own.

20130220 145411 Just Like High School (almost)

No Rest For the Weary

Like clockwork, he’s thrown up at 3AM the last 2 nights. Hoping for a solid night of sleep for us all tonight.

20130204 215249 No Rest For the Weary

Boxes and Boys

We just purchased a new kitchen table. There are two boys in that box who are THRILLED!!

20130203 183635 Boxes and Boys