Open Source Food: A Social Network for Foodies

red-velvet-cupcakesphoto: chengaleng

I love to cook and bake. And one of the things that I have loved about having a laptop is the ability to follow recipes online, in my kitchen, right on my computer.

There are a lot of recipe/cooking sites online. But there aren’t any others quite like Open Source Food.

Not only can you find amazingly tempting recipes, such as the Red Velvet Cupcakes, pictured above, Thai Chicken Peanut Satay and Beer Beef Stew, but it also serves as a social network for foodies.

By following others, commenting and voting for your favorite recipes, you can socialize and learn from and share with others.

The three issues I found with the site are:

1. Right now, the steps for a lot of the recipes clump together. A form that makes the recipes show in an easier to read format – ie: step numbered and separated, would alleviate this problem.

2. Also, most of the recipes only show metric; us American are pretty metric-illiterate, in spite of it being taught in elementary school. A metric conversion capability would help this silly metrically-challenged American immensely.

3. There is no “print version” for the recipes. This isn’t an issue for me, but if you don’t have a laptop, it would be.

I’ve suggested changes to Yongfook, the developer, so I’m hopeful that they will be implemented.

I love that the recipes are international. And the pictures for the recipes are fabulous.

To become a member and become active:

Simply create an account.

Upload your favorite recipes.

Follow people, leave comments and vote for your favorite recipes.

Then be sure to grab a widget to paste on your blog to show off your recipes.


  1. This looks like a great new social network for us foodies or foodie wantobes. :-)


  2. Awesome! I just signed up.

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for the heads up!!

  4. What a neat site!

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