Not Convinced it Wasn’t West Nile Disease…

Last night I was suffering from “cute photo-induced delerium” (see here) and therefore forgot to post on the main thing we’ve been dealing with for the past week:

Quinn has been to the emergency room twice since last Wednesday night.Last wednesday we were getting ready to head to church and I showed Sean a spot on Quinn’s arm. I had thought it was just a mosquito bite, but by the time I showed Sean it was HUGE and oozing. The bite spot made it look as if his elbow was dislocated (it was at his elbow but on the front of his arm) It looked really ugly so we thought it best to have it looked at. We took him to the ER and it turns out it was some sort of bug bite with cellulitis, but we have no idea what type of bite…

Here he is being a good patient (in two senses: he also had to wait and wait… which he did very well)

Here he is being “official” with his arm band


I couldn’t get any good ones of the bite…

On Friday he got a fever and complained of a headache and by saturday he was dealing with a 103 fever.

Sunday he slept all day and his fever was pushing 105. We gave him a lukewarm bath and got it down to 101. We also noticed some weird spots on the back of his legs. We didn’t know if any of this was somehow related to the wednesday incident and by sunday evening he was burning up again (pushing 105; his temp hadn’t been below 101 the whole time.)

I called the pediatrician’s office and she recommended taking him to the ER again since it could have been some type of staph infection from the original bite. So, Sean took him in. They were there from 10 pm – 4am — waiting for most of that time. They diagnosed this trip as an upper respitory infection. As of last night (tuesday) he was still dealing with a high temp (got back up to 104 yesterday) and still has those crazy bites on his leg…

So basically it is all as clear as mud. No idea what any of the bites are from; don’t REALLY know if the fever isn’t somehow related to those things (although he does sound stuffy today) He just woke up a bit ago and feels cool. Hopefully, as the day progresses it will stay that way.




  1. Poor fella

  2. Anonymous says

    This past week for you sounds like a week that you would expect the Arthur’s to have. I am thinking about you and hope that Quinn gets better…

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