One of these things is not like the others

I’ve written before about the differences in my children. As any parent (or sibling) knows, children can have the same mother and father and grow up in the same home, and be completely and utterly different. Mine are no exception. And this week I have been reminded of that simple fact of parenting over and over and over (and over…) again. I have spent the past several days feeling like I am on repetitive play: “no no no no no”… “no no no no no”…

Seamus is hearty laughter, BIG smiles, silliness, curiosity and determination encapsulated into a tiny precious body. He’s outgoing and flirty.

I also think he is the cause of my excess gray hair. (I say “excess” because I already had some patches before he was born, so I can’t give him full credit).

This week he has: (brief summary)

  • removed (or tried to remove) his diaper no less than 5 times a day (with most success while he is in his bed upon waking from his nap)
  • walked up to me looking like Robert Smith, of the Cure, after finding and chewing on a red marker
  • climbed up onto the kitchen table
  • dumped a bowl of cereal and milk onto his head right as I was getting ready to grab him before taking Abbie to school
  • stood at the shower (while I was in it) throwing things into it: coat hangers, belts…
  • found any and every stray thing on the floor and placed it into his mouth

But then he SHINES! Yesterday I took Seamus and Quinn to the library. Seamus, being the social creature that he is, loves to go up to all of the older ladies he sees and flash a huge smile and stare. Each of those little ladies would bend forward to talk to him and, thinking they were asking for a kiss, he went up to each and planted a kiss on their cheeks.

He does everything extreme: he smiles big, he laughs big, he walks big, he chews big, he cries big.

I look at him and I wonder what the Lord has in store for him. I know He molded him in this manner for a reason. And it’s up to Sean and I to nurture and teach him all along the way.

Some days that is easier than others…


  1. Sorry Karla, but Moose is just like I was. Hehehehehe. :)

  2. Terri @ In His Hands says

    I am ROFL about the Robert Smith look. And the shower—ah, too funny.

    Moose is ADORABLE–what a smile.

  3. This is why God gives babies to you young women. LOL He’s adorable.

  4. Love that pic! How long did it take you to clean him up? :v)

    I find it amazing how God places a distinct and different personality in each babe.

  5. Look at that SMILE! What a cute guy. The Baby did an orange Robert Smith the other day, with a permanent marker. Very attractive.

  6. I would have been right there with those other “mature women” waiting for my kiss. Having been there, up close and personal,I know what a charmer he is.

  7. Michelle-ozark crafter says

    Love the post AND LOVED the picture!

  8. That is hilarious! He sounds like my little guy-whew! He is so cute!

  9. I am laughing right along with him! What a great smile!

  10. Oh, what memories that brings back for me! My baby is 17 years old now and I miss those antics! How quickly he grew up – from that little ball of energy into the young man he is now. I thank God for the memories I have and I cherish each one! Thanks for the reminder!

  11. awww
    what a cutie PIE!! ahh, your diaper dilemma reminds me of my friends problem. her daugher ALWAYS takes off her diaper and a couple times she has gone in to get her (out of the crib) and there is POO CITY everywhere! ew.
    soooo yucky.

  12. All I can say about this post is that picture made me guffaw. Kudos for such a cutie-pie son.

    Here via Beck…

  13. How cute and I love the picture

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