One day I’ll get this reaction from my kids too

Not to brag or anything, but in high school and college, I was in high demand as a babysitter. (okay, who am I kidding… I’m braggin’. I was the bomb!) I had parents entrust their children’s care into my hands on a regular basis. A couple of times, I had overnight jobs, staying through the weekend. I even got to miss a day of school to go to the beach to babysit.

We had neighbors who had 6 kids, and for several years (in college) I stayed with them and toted them around for a week at a time, while the parents attended a yearly banking convention.

Hurricane Gilbert ruined a sailing trip to Jamaica. I was asked to sail, with a family I sat for, to Jamaica, while the mom and dad chartered a yacht. Dumb hurricane. Destroyed Jamaica and my spring break. *sigh*

Now, I have my own children to take care of. I don’t get swept to any exciting locales with this gig. But they are mine. All mine.

Now, one might surmise that with all of this experience, I could rightly expect some respect.


Meet Winny.

Oh, she may be cute. But don’t be fooled. This girl is high-maintenance.

Within no time, Winny made her feelings clear to me.

I prepared to play with her and get her some food. But she was just so, like, totally sleepy!

I woke her up. And this was her response to me:

Like, come on! A girl has got to get her beauty sleep, ya know!

Oh, no. This mama wasn’t takin’ the bait. Get out there and take a walk missy!

Keep walkin, sister.

Still irritated with me.

How about some food? I’m sure one day you’ll have all sorts of issues from me trying to cheer you up by forcing you to eat.

But look! I have doughnuts and ice cream. Surely that will cheer you up.

or not…

Wait a second… what’s this?

Do you have permission to have friends over when your parents aren’t home?

That’s what I thought.

Buh-bye, now, Turtle.

Again with the attitude.

Why don’t you get cleaned up and see if you feel better after a shower.

No, I didn’t flush the toilet while you were showering. Why do you ask?

Here. Eat something else.


Since you’re feeling better, let’s go outside for some fresh air.

Oh, NO she di-nt! Don’t you turn your back on me when I’m talkin’ to you!

Wipe that smile off your face, before I wipe it off for you.

I give up…

This didn’t go so well.

Is that a smirk I see on her face?

I can’t wait ’til my daughter gets home and I can give you back…

{originally posted: January 14, 2008}


  1. topsytechie says

    Did someone have a little too much time on their hands this Sunday?? ;-) Oh well, it is a day of rest…I think playing with Winny might count! Too cute!

  2. I think real kids must be easier to care for! Loved watching your frustration grow!

  3. Melanie @ This Ain't New York says

    LOL funny!

  4. What was the answer to last week’s “What the?” That one really had me stumped.

  5. hilarious!

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