One day, I may even get through the second row of my first knitting project

A few weeks back, I posted about my attempts at learning to knit. I was surprised at how few of you know how to knit, as I thought that everyone north of the south pole knew how to knit.

And here I thought I was a loner in a world populated entirely of knitters.

Well, I have continued working on this whole “knitting thing”, as I have dubbed it. You’ll be glad (possibly) to know that I have moved beyond the casting on. I’ve even learned the knit stitch.

But alas, I’ve worked myself into another ice cream consuming frenzy.

Every row that I knit has this mysterious loop at the end of it. None of my books address it. None of the videos address it. So, once again, my attempts at finally knitting my own scarf have come to a screeching halt until I can figure this out.

In the meantime, I came across some things that, at the rate I am learning, I will NEVER get to knit. But, since I’m sure I’ll want some more ice cream sooner, rather than later, I’m adding to my to-do list.

(all images are from flickr’s Crazy for Knitting group)

Wishful thinking, much?

A girl can dream…


  1. Wow! You are ambitious. I can’t wait to see some of your completed projects ’cause I know you can.
    Practice makes improvement. (that’s what I tell my kids because only God makes perfection)

  2. crafty carolinagirl says

    Great news on learning to knit! I tried a little over the weekend and have yet to actually knit, I just have the loops on the needle. I’ll need to take a look at the websites you mentioned.

    Really cute projects. I love the nativity scene and the hedgehog. Someday. . .

  3. Who knew knitting could make such cute things. I love the Doggy. Maybe I will have to learn to knit.

  4. fullbodytransplant says

    Not only can a girl dream, but she can enrich my life with her wonderful whimsical Thursday Thirteen. That is one seriously JOYFUL list of pictures.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Just seeing those lovely knitting projects send me straight to the Blue Bell in my freezer. Wow. And good luck with those stitches.

  6. Susan Helene Gottfried says

    I’m a non-knitter, but I have a number of friends who are amazing at it. I bet you could do some of those projects if you tried — once you’ve gotten some experience.

    Don’t give up. You’ll find the mystery behind the loops and laugh at yourself at how easy they are to fix, I’m sure.

    Happy TT!

  7. Open Grove Claudia says

    Knitting takes a lot of patience. But you get there eventually. I’ve knit some of the things you have on your list – stuff animals, the like. Have you learned to knit in the round yet? That’s a lot easier!

    Happy TT!

  8. People have tried over and over again to teach me how to knit and it doesn’t “stick” in my head.

  9. Nap Warden says

    Really great stuff…I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I better stick to Photoshop;)

  10. bella mocha says

    These are gorgeous- I’d love to be able to knit something like that! My mom taught me when I was a girl…I’ve forgotten it now but I would probably pick it up again.

    Can’t wait to see your completed projects- good luck!! I’m sure they’re going to turn out beautiful!

  11. tickledpink.nicole says

    I don’t knit, but my class is learning to from volunteers who come to our school. They are so proud of their creations, and creating is so empowering.

    Looks like you’ve found lot of inspiration!

  12. Cindy Swanson says

    Hi, Karla! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my TT. :)

    How cute are those things! Hey, kudos to you for even trying to knit. I’m not sure if I’d have the patience.

  13. forgetfulone says

    That would be so cool, to be able to do all that.

  14. Don’t worry, you WILL get through it! If I can figure out how to cast on approriately (long story, but my grandma never really taught me when she taught me to knit), and I can take the plunge into knitting SWEATERS (for donation at church), then YOU will figure out that little loop. Have you checked your tension? I don’t know if you knit continental or english (I knit and crochet continental), but either way tension is a very important factor. That’s part of why I knit and crochet continental, so I can regulate my tension :-)

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the visit and comment! This is GREAT TT (too :-))

  15. Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) says

    Ok. The little doggie at the top, the foxie girl, the Mary/Joseph/Jesus, and those little brown boots!!! make me want to know how to knit.

    Not learn how to knit, mind you…

    But just, I want to KNOW how. NOW.


  16. Megan@SortaCrunchy says

    I have two scarves on needles that have been waiting for, oh, a year or so to be completed. I so want to knit! I just never make the time to commit to it, I am afraid.

  17. Dane Bramage says

    Quilters have the same motivational crisis but take solice in the fact that eventually the comforter will come. (ouch)

    Thanks for visiting my T13 yesterday; 13 Quips Heard During Colonoscopies. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

  18. thrivingat30 says

    I would love to learn to knit! Those images you showed are all just beautiful. I don’t know if I have the patience though! LOL

  19. I am so not a knitter. The last thing I knit was a pair of slippers and one was at least one size bigger, if not two, than it’s pair. That was the beginning and end of my knitting career. LOL.

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