okay – enough whine… for now

alright… I am through with my pity party… Honestly, I know it’s not in my hands anyway. From the time I started getting visitors to my blog, I began to pray that the Lord would use my blog to touch people… people that needed to hear Him speak, through me. People who needed a lift. People who think that they are alone in their struggles.

On that note – I wanted to make everyone aware of a site that I have been asked to contribute to. It was an honor to be asked to write devotions for Emphasis For Mom’s Inner Fulfillment daily devotions. The devotions will begin being sent out February 1st.

The focus is on women and will focus on:

  • Motherhood
  • Image/Beauty; The ugly side of life (What do you do when life gets you down? How do you overcome?)
  • Be still – learning to stop running life at such a frenzied pace
  • Faith alone and growing in the Lord
  • Who does God say you are? Not what the world says
  • Marriage

Be sure to stop by and sign up. They will be sent daily in an email.

Also, a reminder: If you have time, consider joining me for this.

Blessings, K


  1. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    Ok, I’m going over to sign up right now!!

  2. http://Mama%20G says

    That is sooo cute! Ok, the Inner Harbour trip is slowy coming back to memory! Ha, ha!

    I work for Fairfax County Public schools as a Student Information Assistant… which means I handle all the student records within my High School.
    I was looking on your blog for your email (couldn’t find it)… that is why I had not posted a comment before.
    But I am loving the blog!!! Love it! Love it!
    I am considering doing the Bible study you posted… isn’t it amazing how God works, I was just thinking I need to find a Bible study (but where am I going to fit it in)??? And low and behold there was your blog post!!! Talk to you soon! Stephanie

    BTW – The first time I commented you back, I posted it on my own blog. Ok, still learning. Hee, hee ;-)

    January 10, 2007 11:09 AM

  3. http://Jen says

    I’ll have to sign up….

  4. http://Carol says

    That’s great, Karla! I’m looking forward to your contributions.

  5. http://peggyvb says

    I’m signed up. Am so excited about this opportunity for you and the other writers to reach out to so many people. What a great ministry.
    Love you so much,

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