Oh yes, Internets – I have another question for you!

I have a question I need help with.

We bought the boys bunk beds awhile back. The top bunk is a pain to make.

Any suggestions for making it easier to make up each morning?

It’s like doing acrobatics each time I have to climb up there. Also, the sheets show all around the bottom of that top bunk because there is nothing to tuck them into, other than between the bed frame and mattress.

Fortunately, since it is on the top, if no one has any ideas, it’s up high enough that I don’t have to look at it…


  1. http://Angie says

    We straighten out the sheets/blanket on the top bunk, but honestly — we don’t make it and I wouldn’t even try to make my 8 year old do it. It’s just too darn hard. LOL

  2. http://Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks says

    We don’t use a top sheet, just the fitted sheet with the comforter on top.

  3. http://Jen says

    We also struggle with this. I make the top bunk, I figure I must be burning calories while hanging from the ceiling fan to get that last corner tucked in, right? Honestly, I just make him sleep on the bottom. He is forbidden to use the top bunk unless there is a guest. Sometimes you just have to put your food down. Slowly, between the spinning of the blades:-)

  4. http://Naomi says

    I just had to leave a comment to say I really detest this task too!
    My two boys have a bunk bed and because I’m heavily pregnant I’ve recently been sending my 8 year old girl up there to straighten things out!

  5. http://Jeana says

    When putting the sheets on, my husband pops the mattress out, puts them on, then puts the mattress back in place. You might try that. I make my son make it. He’s young and sprightly. He can handle it.

  6. http://Milehimama says

    First, don’t make the mistake of tucking the bed into the corner of the room. Put it in the middle of wall so you have access from both ends. Put the fitted sheet on the corners that are up against the wall first, then the side that is facing the room.

    And, we use sleeping bags and ditched the top sheet entirely. The kids can make their own beds no problem, and it didn’t cost a fortune to get them their favorite character.

  7. http://Gift%20of%20Green says

    I don’t have an answer for you, but that is a very good question!! :)

  8. http://Sabrina says

    We’re thinking about bunks for our boys so I’m glad you asked this!

  9. http://Jean says

    I do what Jeana said by popping the mattress out. I stand on the bottom bunk and pull the mattress out on the foot side and pull the fitted sheet over that side, plop the mattress back down and pull the rest of the sheet up to the head and lift the mattess out on that side and pull the sheet over. I hope that makes sense. I don’t really worry about the top sheet either I just kind of throw it up there.

  10. http://Six%20in%20the%20Mix says

    No top sheet.

  11. http://Ruth says

    in ywam i always had to sleep on the top bunk. but what made the “bed making” task easier was i used a SLEEPING BAG! :)

  12. http://Stacey says

    We had this problem as well, until I started letting her sleep ON TOP OF the comforter! It is tucked in flat with the excess tucked in on the wall side so you can’t see it. She always sleeps with all these other blankets anyways, so I figured, in the morning all we have to do is fold up the blankets! And I wash the comforter once a week.

  13. http://Sarah says

    I bought plywood and had it cut to fit the dimensions of the bunk. So that way, from the bottom bunk, you can see the wood….but you cannot see the sheets. I agree, though, that the top bunk is so hard to make!! But the plywood helps it look a little nicer!

  14. http://Missy says

    No top sheet and I made a blanket that fits the top of the bed no tucking, no wrinkles.

  15. http://Jamie says

    I have my spry 9 year old at least pull everything up. I’ve given up tucking in the comforter.

  16. http://WorksForMom says

    All I’ve ever heard was to use a ladder. Oy ve! The one downfall of bunk beds!! :)

  17. http://Girl%20Gone%20Wild says

    I am SO glad you asked this question. We’ve always used bunkbeds, but a couple of years ago I got sick and tired of the whole top bunk thing and got rid of it. Now we have to go back to it. No top sheet…great fix!

  18. http://Lisa%20(SAH%20in%20Suburbia) says

    Like many of the other gals said, we don’t use a top sheet….Then it hit me that I had these great top sheets that weren’t being put to use! I took the top sheet and sewed it to a coordinating/matching single bed sheet and then stuffed a single sized duvet in it. We still had use of the top sheet in a comforter instead. That duvet is now really easy to just pull up to straighten!! No ugly sheets sticking out and so kid friendly. Hope that made sense!!

  19. http://Sista%20Cala says

    I know someone else mentioned using sleeping bags instead of sheets, but I wanted to comment…so I thought I’d tell you that that is what I used as a kid on the top bunk.

  20. http://Amanda says

    How about just using the fitted sheet on the mattress and getting a coordinating blanket (maybe different ones for summer vs. winter) and just use ONE blanket. Each day the child could stand on the ladder straighten the sheet and pillow then fold the blanket and put on the bottom of the bed?? Why use the top sheet? It’s just too big for a top bunk and like you said, no where to stuff the sides..


  21. http://Susanne says

    Get the oldest boy to pull the blanket up and call it done. As you can tell I don’t do bunk beds. Sorry. :v}

  22. http://Lisa says

    Who needs “Curves” when you’ve got bunkbeds?? Actually,though, I’m with all the other ladies ~ no top sheet. We move the bed away from the wall to change the bottom sheet. But now since we’re selling our house and need to have it neat in a jiffy, we have the topbunkers sleep on top of the comforter, like someone else said, with other blankets over them, and wash the comforter frequently. Easiest quickie solution.

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