No models or newscasters were harmed in the making of this video

I don’t know what cracks me up more – her flinging her hair back to maintain some sense of dignity, or the newscasters laughing.

I think it is the laughing.

This song totally makes me want to pull out my bobo sneakers and plaid pants

I dig me some music. When I was in high school, I was a music snob. Heaven help the sorry-sap that tried to sell me on the musical qualities of Hair Bands and Power Ballads. I wasn’t buying it.

Now, I am game for listening to most any type of music. Call me a grown up, but I think my taste in music has expanded and grown, just like my food choices. Along with learning to love broccoli and green peppers, I’ve learned to appreciate tunes outside of my usual tastes. And I can usually be found with some sort of music player pumping out some tunes. (Amazingly, I do not have an iPod. I think I may be one of the only people in America who can claim that. I don’t even have a cheap mp3 player. So, I’m gonna keep trying these not-so subliminal messages: HELLO! APPLE! ~ I’d happily review an iPhone or iPod for you. Heaven knows you need all the help you can get at getting those things moved out of stores)

This is my current musical addiction right now and it’s on heavy rotation on that record player in my head too:

Woken Awoken The opposite of sleeping during the night from an earthquake: RUN! Making lunch: RUN! Blogging: RUN!

Listen to other Gnarls Barkley songs at their MySpace page. But be prepared to have the urge to pull out all sorts of 60s retro clothing.

What song is on heavy rotation in your head these days?

You have got to be kidding

I thought this was a joke at first… sadly, it is not*

From US magazine:

A Florida plastic surgeon has written a children’s book called My Beautiful Mommy – out on Mother’s Day – to teach kids why their mother is going under the knife for cosmetic enhancements.

“The kids have questions,” author Dr. Michael Salzhauer told Newsweek.

My Beautiful Mommy is about a mother who gets a tummy tuck, breast implants and a nose job.

“You see, as I got older, my body stretched and I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore,” the character explains. “Dr. Michael is going to help fix that and make me feel better.”

Salzhauer said while “parents generally tend to go into this denial thing” and “try to ignore the kids’ questions completely,” children are legitimately confused and worried.

For instance, he said, “With the tummy tucks, [mothers] can’t lift anything, they’re in bed.”

One mother interviewed by Newsweek was grateful.

“I didn’t want [my son] to think [the surgery] was because I was hurting,” she said. “It was to make me feel good.”

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 348,000 breast augmentations and 148,000 tummy tucks were performed in 2007.

*I have no problems with plastic surgery, but a children’s book??!! COME ON! The picture, if it weren’t so pathetically sad, is comical – mom with her belly showing and tight pants; her young son soaking in his mom’s new found beauty and forming ideas of what his future bride should look like.
(updated – ’cause oops, I think that may be a little girl…)

Next up, we’ll have the doctor who came up with Botox writing Why Mommy is Always Smiling Like That.

Please discuss in comments.

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Hi Feed Readers!

I am the Queen of Misusing apostrophes. I, place, them, at, the, wrong, place, all, of, the, time…

BUT, I have been working on it. (isn’t this something most people seemed to have learned in 1st grade? Did I fall asleep that day?)

So imagine my horror when I looked at the previous post in my reader and saw WHO’S honkin’ truck, rather than WHOSE honkin’ truck. I’ve corrected it, but there it is in all of its FEEDREADER GLORY, still screaming at me.

Since I’ve started writing on the internet, I’ve become a nervous wreck when it comes to punctuation, as evidenced by my overuse of the ellipse… … … … … … and the exclamation mark!!!!!

I’m sure that there are no less than 100 commas misplaced or missing in this post alone.

All within a days time

Yesterday was such an amazing day! Y’all will never believe it.

~ I was invited to have unlimited hits on my blog within 15 minutes. For free! All I need to do is create an account and use my credit card to validate it! Imagine that! The things nice people are willing to do these days… amazing.

~ I was notified (NOTICE!!!!) that I am a winner and that I am to contact Mr. Rene Huson, IMMEDIATELY, to claim my prize money!! Some sort of lottery or something that I didn’t even have to enter to win! How cool is that!!??

~ Miss Chechen Lindstrom, who inherited a large amount of money from her late father, appealed to me for help. It seems as though she is having a very very difficult time acquiring the necessary documents required for claiming her money and needs me ~ ‘lil ol moi!? ~ to give her all of my personal info so that I can obtain the money for her. And GUESS WHAT!?! She’s gonna give me a large heap of that money for helping her! She even called me responsible ~blush~

Golly! there really are good honest people out there…

~ I received an E-Card from my dear friend Seraphina. (hmmm… I don’t recall any of my friends being named that… maybe it’s my friend Eva. She was always pretending to be someone else. Silly Eva!) Probably trying to pull some prank on me like last time, when I lost all that data on my computer and had to restore my computer. That girl… she’s a hoot.

~ I need to contact CitiBank. It seems that the account I have with them ~ the one I had no idea existed ~ needs some action taken. I’m sure they need all of my personal info too. Might as well just keep my debit card and current bank account number handy… it seems as though everyone needs that info today. But how sweet is that for CitiBank to be so concerned about my little insignificant, nay, nonexistent, account.

~ I also have an unclaimed payment at Ebay. They too, need my info – password and account number to verify that they deposit it in the proper account.

What a day! Believe me when I tell you that I promise that those millions of dollars that I am going to receive from all of these super fab people is not gonna change me one tiny little bit.

Oops, gotta go. I just received notice that the IRS needs my Social Security number emailed to them so that they can send me my Economic Stimulus Payment…