Now I can go out in the woods and lock the keys in the car

Saturday morning I went and did something that is every hunting husband’s dream: I took my Hunter Education class.

It was a proud day in our home.

I know I don’t look nearly as lovely as I do in my profile photo. It was a long day of testing and shooting and handling firearms. That is hard work, people. It can do a number on a woman’s hair and makeup, especially when she has to get up before 6 am for the day.


  1. http://Beck says

    Are you kidding? You’re GORGEOUS!

  2. http://dcrmom says

    Yeah, I was thinking I like this one better than your profile. Less posed, and I like the long, flowing hair. :-)

  3. http://Kimmy says

    And . . . you look beautiful.

  4. http://Big%20Mama says

    You’re a good wife. Just think, you can bring something home and put that crockpot to good use.

    Happy Birthday by the way!

    And, you’re beautiful. Your hair is so pretty.

  5. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    Whatever! You are gorgeous in that picture!!!

  6. http://Stephanie says

    Yay–I’m not the only hunter around! Yep… I got my first deer when I was just 13. Yummy!!

    Yeah… I noticed that every one of these sentences start with a “Y”. Yes, it was an accident, but it’s too late at night to fix it.

  7. http://Karla says

    My wife rooks! All you guys… eat your heart out.

  8. http://Becky%20Wolfe says

    Good Job!! A proud day indeed. I grew up in a ‘huntin family’ and have my license etc but in the past few years, I have lost the desire. I guess, now that I’m into photography, if I’m able to get that close to an animal, I want to shoot it with my camera instead. But oh how I love grouse stew, moose steak & deer roasts. YUM!

  9. http://Sista%20Cala says

    I married a hunter from Colorado. We were wed in Feb so the big game seasons were over. I took the hunter’s safety course before the following season. Went hunting every year that we lived out there. Never bagged a thing. I would see a cow elk when I had a bull license and visa versa… But I loved camping and being in the great outdoors. And I love elk meat. Tasty. Nothing like the deer here in TN.

  10. http://Kendra says

    hunters safety… congrats! my dad forced me to take that course when i was 12! can you imagine a 12 year old girl being forced to take that?! :)

  11. http://Ruth says

    you are awesome!!! love the pic and the pose and the CERTIFICATE!! :) you’re a star.

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