nothing exciting to blog about

and that is a good thing.

It’s nice to have nothing to blog about, because that means that, for now, things are quiet in our little part of the world.

We are healthy.
We are safe.
We are warm.
We are together.

And while that may seem pretty run-of-the-mill… for us – it is a HUGE thing.

And we are thankful.

Blessings, K


  1. http://Nicole says

    Sounds like you are having a perfect day! Enjoy!

  2. http://Beck says

    But appreciating that is SUCH a huge deal, because who really wants more than happy, healthy safe togetherness with the people they love?

  3. http://Susanne says

    It sounds good to me! Enjoy it!

  4. http://Anna says

    Amen!! I love reading blogs like this one…that make sit here & nod while reading it…realizing how TRUE that really is. Did that make sense? LOL You know what I mean!

  5. http://Barb says

    It’s a good thing “exciting” isn’t required for blogging, Karla. If it were, I’d probably post twice a year. I’m with you – dull and boring and quiet is perfectly fine with me!

  6. http://owlhaven says

    Blessings, indeed! Here from frog and toad


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