okay, so I didn’t get around to writing my riveting tale about my kitchen dust bunnies.

And now today, I am once again faced with what to write.

I could write about the rain pouring down.

But then I’d want to curl under a blanket and listen to it instead.

I could write about the yummy milkshakes I made yesterday (instead of blogging)

But then I’d want one (and we are out of ice cream)

I could write about the cutest boy that right now is sitting under his blanket watching a movie and sucking his knuckle.

But then I’d want to stop writing this post and go over and snuggle him.

Instead, I will write about the fact that right now, life seems, for the first time in a LONG time,┬ánormal. No one is sick. Not a single runny nose or belly ache. And the fact that I have nothing swirling around in this crazy brain of mine is so┬ánice. I know it may only last for the day. It may be the calm before a new storm. But I’ll take it and soak it up and relish it.

What’s your favorite rainy day activity to do with your kids?


  1. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    If SlowMo is home on a rainy day we’ll watch movies and bake something. Otherwise, for me, a rainy day is just like every other day.

    I’m glad you’re feeling normal, you deserve it!

  2. http://Big%20Mama says

    Caroline has a ladybug tent and I love to put it up inside on rainy days, get some blankets and pillows and watch a movie with her.

  3. http://Susanne says

    Hope you enjoyed your day of normalcy. I know I’m a bit behind in commenting! :v)

    My fave rainy day thing is make hot choc and kool aid popcorn and watch a movie with the kids.

  4. http://Ruth says

    i think
    it will be
    to bake
    lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies.
    and make encouragement cards to send daddy at work.
    she’s only 14 months…so i haven’t got to use any of those yet.

  5. http://Maggie says

    YUP…we are in the same “storm system” sister. That’s for sure.

    Will the sickness keep rolling forever? I think it’s taken all my reserve!

    You write well when you have nothing to say!

    (Okay, so that sounded bad…anyway, I was amused and that’s a good thing in the midst of it all!)

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